Discover the right tools

Anchoring your startup with the right software suite is crucial for streamlined operations and growth. At Mercury, we’ve done the legwork for you. Curating a list of top-tier startup software, we’ve drawn insights from the preferences and successes of our extensive Mercury founders’ community. Delve into everything from cap table management to cutting-edge CRM tools and craft a software stack tailored to your unique needs.

Cap table

Streamline equity oversight


Track financial footprints


Elevate compensation experiences

Customer support

Champion user resolutions


Unlock client possibilities


Supercharge sales connections


Orchestrate marketing magic

Project management

Navigate roadmaps and processes

Product analytics

Decode user engagement

No code tools

Build without limits


Unleash your creativity

Cloud hosting

Deploy without boundaries

Spend management

Optimize your expenses

Business banking

Bank with precision and speed

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