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Atlassian, renowned for its software suite, offers startups robust solutions for project management and team collaboration. Tools like Jira, originally designed for bug tracking but now a comprehensive agile project management tool, enable startups to plan, track, and release world-class products. Confluence, another Atlassian offering, promotes team collaboration through shared documentation and integrated project notes. Trello, with its intuitive board-based task management, offers startups a more visual way to organize projects and milestones. Through its suite of interconnected tools, Atlassian caters to both tech-focused startups and those looking for straightforward task management, making it a staple in the startup ecosystem.


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Founder quotes

Jeff Lai

Internal Infrastructure at Canva

We’ve really seen the value of being able to funnel requests into a central location, from both recording it to see trends and to streamline the workflow. It’s been a really positive cultural shift…Jira is like a Swiss army knife for us.

Katie Burke

Chief People Officer at Hubspot

Confluence has enabled… anyone in the company equal opportunity to participate, ask questions, and use their voice towards building a company our employees’ grandkids can be proud of.

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* Mercury Market Share represents the estimated percentage of Mercury users who pay for this tool among the top tools in this category. Tools with a lower market share have been omitted for brevity.

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