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Asana stands out as a streamlined project management software, tailor-made for startups looking to efficiently coordinate tasks and team collaboration. Its intuitive interface allows users to break down projects into tasks, assign responsibilities, and set deadlines, ensuring clear visibility of progress and deliverables. The platform’s versatility is showcased in its varied viewing options, from list and board views to timeline and calendar perspectives, catering to diverse project tracking preferences. With features like dependency mapping and automation, Asana aids startups in navigating the complexities of project timelines and workflows. Embraced by startups across sectors, Asana has become synonymous with organized, transparent, and actionable project management.


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Founder quotes

Ariel Chavan

Head of Security Product & Program Management at Zoom

As Zoom grew, we wanted a standard view of everything going on so we could prioritize work and make business decisions. We needed visibility, accountability, consistency in how work gets done, and knowledge sharing across teams.

Nicolò Facchini

Head of Planning for L’oréal Luxe, L’oréal UK & Ireland

When I think about Asana, what comes to mind is simplification and empowerment. Asana helps us cut through the tasks that just don’t inspire people. My team is engaged and motivated, they’re empowered to look at a process and see how it can be improved.

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