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Minimum balance$0
Monthly or overdraft feesNone
Checking & savings accountsFree
FDIC insurance through our partner banks and their sweep networksUp to $5M
Mercury Treasury 
(requires a minimum balance of $500K)Up to 5.40% yield
Debit cardsFree
IO credit cards (requires a minimum balance of $25K)1.5% cashback
Sending & receiving checksFree
Sending & receiving domestic wiresFree
Sending & receiving international wires (USD)Free
Currency exchange1% flat fee
Batch paymentsContact us for beta access


Partner perks and rewardsFree
Payments API accessFree
Team managementFree
Bookkeeper accessFree
Third-party integrations with Stripe, Slack, and moreFree

Financial workflows

Try all of our financial workflows for free until August 1st.

Monthly priceFree$35$350Contact us
Bank feed importQuickBooks Online, Xero, 
& NetSuiteQuickBooks Online, Xero, 
& NetSuiteQuickBooks Online, Xero, 
& NetSuiteQuickBooks Online, Xero, 
& NetSuite
Enriched accounting automationsQuickBooks Online & XeroQuickBooks Online & XeroQuickBooks Online, Xero, 
& NetSuiteQuickBooks Online, Xero, 
& NetSuite
Bill pay5 bills / month20 bills / month

(+$2 per add’l bill)
250 bills / month

(+$1 per add’l bill)
Contact us
Approval rulesBasic capabilitiesAdvanced capabilities 
(coming soon)Advanced capabilities 
(coming soon)Advanced capabilities
 (coming soon)
Email bill forwarding
AI bill automations
Duplicate bill detection
Dedicated Relationship Manager
Invoicing (coming soon)
Reimbursements (coming soon)

Pricing FAQ

Mercury business banking is free to use. However, certain advanced features may incur fees. These include: making mass payments on our API, accessing Mercury Treasury account management, exchanging money in non-USD currencies, and sending USD internationally with optional premium processing. There are no account minimums, overdraft fees, monthly fees, or account opening fees.Advanced payment workflows are also available and free to try until August 1st. On August 1st, customers will have the option to select a paid plan (starting at $35/month) for access to these advanced payment workflows, including our enriched NetSuite automations and the ability to pay all monthly bills from Mercury.If your business doesn’t need access to these advanced financial workflows quite yet, don't worry. Our Mercury banking products will remain free for everyone. Sending payments from your Mercury account will remain free to use for everyone, and when you're ready, you can upgrade to access the advanced features at the price point that makes sense for your company and volume of business.

Mercury Personal gives you powerful personal banking for one all-inclusive subscription of $240/year. Your subscription is debited directly from your personal account once per year on the date you signed up. Learn more about how Mercury Personal can help you optimize your personal finances here.

While you can always send payments for free through your Mercury account, using Mercury Bill Pay gives you more precision and control and allows you to pay bills more efficiently. Using AI, Mercury Bill Pay automatically extracts data so there is no need to copy and paste invoice information. Bill Pay allows you to receive bills to a dedicated bill inbox, which helps you manage and prioritize your unpaid bills, organizing them by approval status and due dates. Lastly, Bill Pay allows you to sync your bill data directly to your accounting software.

Even though opening a Mercury account is free, we make money in a number of different ways. We earn interest on deposits, foreign exchange processing on international wires, and fees paid on Mercury Treasury and Mercury Venture Debt. Additionally, when you use your debit card or IO credit card, Visa and Mastercard charge a fee to the merchants — we receive a percentage of this fee, known as interchange. We also have subscription revenue from our financial workflows products and Mercury Personal.

There is a conversion fee (1% on the USD amount). This helps us cover the cost associated with sending money internationally through the SWIFT network. If your company is exchanging >$200K, reach out to us to chat about fees.

As a Mercury customer, you have the option to send USD international wires for free. We offer two options for how those wires are processed. The first, coded as SHA, is standard among most banks and while free to you, may result in intermediary bank fees that are absorbed by your recipient. The second, coded as OUR, gives you the option to pay a flat fee of $15 so that any intermediary fees will be charged back to Mercury, making it more likely your recipient will receive the full amount.

Mercury Treasury is currently available to users with account balances over $500K.

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