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Welcome to the Mercury Raise founder community, a space for founders to connect and help each other make their ambitions real — all conveniently on Slack.

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Join a community of vetted founders to exchange advice, celebrate your wins and lessons, and support one another every step of the way.

Connect on your schedule

Engage however it suits you best — tune in to live AMAs with experts or moderated async discussions designed for busy startup founders.

Meet your entrepreneurial match

Opt in to AI-powered one-on-one founder matching to help each other navigate similar challenges and turn obstacles into opportunities.

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Join a curated group of peers based on your current priorities for a greater sense of accountability, support, and camaraderie.

House rules

It’s time founders had a space that truly delivers value — here’s how we can make this community all that it can be.

  1. Give as much as you take

    Incorporate this workspace into your daily flow by asking questions, sharing resources, and contributing to discussions. Be respectful of and curious about different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions.

  2. Be authentic and candid

    No one has all the answers, but everyone is welcome to share their experiences. Ask questions to clarify and provide context. Celebrate the highs and recognize the lows. 

  3. Take ownership

    This community will be as powerful as its members make it. Contribute in whatever way comes most naturally to you — share resources, reply to questions, or spark conversations.

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Still have questions?

How do I join?
We’re glad you asked. To get started, you’ll provide us with some basic info about yourself, your company, and why you’re interested in joining. This helps us to build the community to better serve founders’ top priorities. Once you submit, give us a few days to review your application and send you an invite. This should land in your inbox within a week.
Who should apply?
We encourage founders of pre-seed, seed, and Series A companies to join the founder Slack community if they are interested in sharing their insights, stories, and support as they scale their companies.
How will small groups be assigned?
We will match participants into groups of 8–10 based on current priorities and goals — for example, founders searching for PMF, focused on raising capital, or planning to scale. We will do our best to avoid placing direct competitors in the same group.
Is the founder Slack community free?
Yes, it’s completely free.