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Intercom is a conversational relationship platform tailored for businesses aiming to foster stronger relationships with their customers. Renowned for its live chat interface, it seamlessly facilitates real-time interactions between companies and their clientele. Besides chat, Intercom offers a suite of tools including automated messaging, customer segmentation, and a help center to create knowledge bases. Its user-friendly nature appeals to a broad spectrum of businesses, from nascent startups to established enterprises, enabling them to elevate their customer engagement and support. Given its robust integrations with other software, Intercom has become an indispensable tool in the modern digital communication landscape.


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Founder quotes

Dane Burgess

Customer Support Director at Linktree

Within six days, Fin is successfully resolving 42% of conversations. It’s truly surpassed my expectations.

Geronimo Chala

Chief Consumer Officer at Rebag

Intercom powers our customer communications, delivering conversions, customer engagement, and personalized support. The Messenger is the heart of this strategy.

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