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Front is an email management platform designed to streamline team collaboration and communication. It centralizes emails, apps, and conversations into one unified inbox, ensuring that no message goes unnoticed. Beyond email, Front boasts features like shared drafts, internal commenting, and powerful analytics, allowing teams to work cohesively and efficiently. Adopted by both small businesses and large corporations, it is particularly beneficial for customer support, sales, and operations teams who juggle multiple channels of communication. Through its integrative capabilities with other tools and a focus on transparency, Front redefines the dynamics of team email handling and collaboration.


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Founder quotes

Judith Leung

Sales Support Team Lead at Cisco Meraki

Front is so easy and user-friendly, so it was quick to get the team up and running on the new system. As long as you can use a computer, you can use Front. It’s really easy to grasp.

Karin Roettgering

Director of Finance at MongoDB

Before Front, the volume of email our team received was becoming increasingly unmanageable and was impacting our ability to manage vendor requests and collaboration with other teams in our organization. With Front, we reduced missed messages by implementing shared inboxes with automated routing and guaranteeing clearer ownership for every message. When escalations arise or a team member is out of the office, we have built-in triaging—all within our shared inboxes—to make sure each request is handled on time. In reducing MongoDB’s email volume by over 60%, Front has empowered our team to gain operational control and dedicate more time to strategic projects.

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