ZoomInfo is a B2B contact database that empowers businesses with deep insights into their target markets and industries. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, it amasses a wealth of data on professionals, companies, and business trends, providing users with actionable contact details and contextual information. Features like lead scoring, intent signals, and seamless integration with various CRM tools make it a favorite among sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals. From SMBs to large enterprises, organizations turn to ZoomInfo to optimize their prospecting, lead generation, and outreach strategies. Its commitment to accuracy and the breadth of its database distinguishes it in the landscape of business intelligence tools.


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Founder quotes

Andy Ruffles

Director of Sales Operations & Strategy at Capital One

The experience with ZoomInfo has been great. The data is readily available to RMs, whether it’s accessed through SalesOS, or through our prospecting tool provisioned with ZoomInfo data. I talk to our RMs on a daily basis—and the general feedback over years of time has always been positive. Our teams are very trusting of the data.

Josh Stern

Senior Sales Operations Manager at Hotel Engine

With ZoomInfo we have a single source of truth for all of our sales and marketing activities. Every single lead that we work with has either been sourced from ZoomInfo or enhanced by ZoomInfo’s Enrich solution. We trust the data because we’re seeing the results. Since bringing on ZoomInfo, we’ve seen a 5x increase in sales productivity and our sales reps have increased the number of demos they’re booking by 3x.

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