Apollo is a comprehensive sales intelligence and engagement platform designed to drive growth and expansion for businesses. Its features span a wide range, including a robust database with millions of contacts, data enrichment, lead scoring, and automated outreach capabilities. With tools to enhance every stage of the sales process, Apollo.io offers users actionable insights to tailor their strategies and reach potential customers more effectively. The platform is favored by sales and marketing professionals, startups, and growth-focused teams seeking an edge in their prospecting and outreach efforts. Its emphasis on data-driven decision-making ensures that businesses can navigate and succeed in competitive markets.


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Founder quotes

Aquibur Rahman

Founder & CEO of Mailmodo

Apollo makes the entire sales process so easy and saves me a lot of time. I save at least five to ten hours on a weekly basis on prospecting activities, and on some weeks I save more than ten hours.

Kaleb Batman

Sales Development Manager at Customer.io

Apollo is two platforms in one with the capabilities of Salesloft and Outreach, plus ZoomInfo. I saw how it could save us clicks, save us time, and allow us to create automated sequences—something we struggled to achieve with our existing tech stack.

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Mercury market share

* Mercury Market Share represents the estimated percentage of Mercury users who pay for this tool among the top tools in this category. Tools with a lower market share have been omitted for brevity.

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