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Retool emerges as a groundbreaking platform for startups that want to rapidly build and deploy internal tools with minimal overhead. Its drag-and-drop interface allows teams to construct custom applications by connecting to nearly any data source, streamlining internal processes and boosting operational efficiency. With a library of pre-built components like tables, buttons, and forms, Retool simplifies the development of tools ranging from admin panels to CRM systems. The platform’s ability to integrate with existing databases and APIs ensures that startups can tailor tools to their specific infrastructural needs. As a result, startups across the spectrum, particularly those with limited development resources, lean on Retool as a time-saving solution to build versatile and powerful internal applications.


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Founder quotes

Rohan Chopra

Director of Engineering at Doordash

We went from 1-2 months on each tool we needed to build to 30-60 minutes.

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