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Airtable combines spreadsheet and database functionalities, making it a compelling choice for startups building internal tools. At its core, Airtable allows teams to organize tasks, track inventory, manage projects, and tackle practically any other data-driven operation with flexibility and ease. Its range of view options — including grid, kanban board, calendar, and gallery views — cater to diverse visualization preferences, ensuring teams can interact with data in a way that suits them best. Integrations via "Airtable Automations" and its compatibility with platforms like Zapier further extend its potential, enabling automated workflows and data syncing across tools. Airtable provides a dynamic and scalable solution to craft tailor-made internal systems without the need for extensive coding.


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Founder quotes

Anisha Pindoria

Senior Product Manager, Developer Relations

I am constantly tooting Airtable’s horn to everybody in GitHub, because I love how much it’s made my life easier.

Brad Bowery

Director of Startup Customer Acquisition

Airtable is the single most important tool to our team. This tool for me represents everything that we’re accomplishing, how our team is developing, and all of the collaboration we’re doing in one place, seeing that growth is what makes me tick.

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