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Amplitude is a premier product analytics platform, specifically designed to provide startups with deep insights into user behavior and product performance. By tracking user interactions and funnel metrics, Amplitude allows startups to identify and hone in on key features that resonate with their audience. Its dynamic dashboards and segmentation capabilities empower teams to make data-driven decisions, optimizing the user experience and fostering growth. Beyond mere analytics, the platform offers tools for experimentation, helping startups A/B test variations and iterate on their products effectively. Given its comprehensive suite of tools and actionable insights, Amplitude is a staple for startups aiming to master the nuances of their product ecosystem.


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Founder quotes

Alan Hili

Product Manager at Jumbo

Working with Amplitude has been a huge win. The platform enables us to place the smartest bets.

Alexander Magnusson

Manager of Data Analytics at Brainly

Amplitude has transformed Brainly’s ability to leverage data. We have easier and faster access to user and event data, and we can visualize it in myriad ways that allow us to verify the information and generate actionable insights. Our people have the tools to ask pertinent questions that satisfy their curiosity and lead to better outcomes for the learners that depend on our platform.

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