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Heroku stands as a powerful cloud platform, offering a range of services and tools for developers to build and deploy applications with ease and efficiency. It’s a preferred choice for startups and developers seeking to streamline their deployment workflows without compromising on scalability and performance. Heroku supports various programming languages and integrates effortlessly with popular databases, allowing teams to develop versatile and robust applications. Its easy-to-use interface and range of add-ons enable users to customize their environment according to their project needs. Compatibility with platforms like GitHub and Git facilitates seamless integration and continuous delivery, optimizing the development lifecycle. Whether you’re building a small app or a complex system, Heroku provides a dynamic, scalable, and developer-friendly environment to bring your projects to fruition without the need for extensive infrastructure management.


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Siddharth Mitra

Senior Staff Engineer at Airbase

DevOps is not part of our core services. It’s just not something we want to do or spend time on, so we keep things on Heroku.

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Mercury market share

* Mercury Market Share represents the estimated percentage of Mercury users who pay for this tool among the top tools in this category. Tools with a lower market share have been omitted for brevity.

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