Rippling is an all-in-one platform designed to manage various HR and IT functions within businesses. Its primary offerings include automated payroll, benefits administration, and employee onboarding, making the hiring and management processes smoother and more efficient. Besides HR features, Rippling also manages IT tasks, such as setting up new employee computers and handling app provisioning. The platform is specifically tailored for businesses that are looking for a consolidated solution to reduce manual administrative tasks. Rippling’s key value proposition lies in its ability to combine both HR and IT functionalities, simplifying operations while ensuring cohesion across departments and data consistency across business apps.


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Founder quotes

Kristen Hayward

Head of People at Superhuman

Not only did Rippling take care of the heavy lifting, their quality control is fantastic. It’s normal to double-check things up front when you start with a new system, but I didn’t see any errors with Rippling…Employees were pinging me to tell me how glad they were that we’d switched. The process of setting up their accounts was easier, and they felt as though they were getting paid faster.

Michael Haft

Cofounder of Compass Coffee

Since hourly employees comprise much of our staff, I was spending eight hours every other week running payroll, which included manually calculating PTO and overtime, reconciling hours worked, and inputting in benefits deductions. With Rippling, everything is fully automated and running payroll takes just 15 minutes!

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