Mailchimp is a leading robust email marketing and marketing automation platform that provides businesses with tools to connect with their audience effectively. Boasting features like customizable email templates, automation workflows, and audience segmentation, it facilitates tailored communication strategies that resonate with subscribers. Beyond email, Mailchimp offers landing pages, digital ads, and analytics, providing a more holistic approach to digital marketing. Its user base spans a diverse range, from solo entrepreneurs and small businesses to larger corporations looking to harness the power of email for brand engagement. With its user-friendly interface and versatile toolset, Mailchimp stands as a beacon in the email marketing realm, aiding businesses in their growth trajectories.


Mercury Market Share*


Founder quotes

Kelly O’Connell

Senior Design & Marketing Manager of Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

The move to the templates made us able to focus more on the content itself. Knowing that we were going to have a beautifully branded email was kind of just a load-off.

Tani Brown

Chief of Staff at Jopwell

Mailchimp has been really vital for us to optimize our email marketing strategy and segment these audiences so that we can talk to them based on who they are.

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Mercury market share

* Mercury Market Share represents the estimated percentage of Mercury users who pay for this tool among the top tools in this category. Tools with a lower market share have been omitted for brevity.

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