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Carta is a specialized platform designed to manage equity and ownership for businesses — simplifying the complexities of cap tables, valuations, and equity plans. Through its user-friendly interface, companies can gain clear insights into their ownership structure, track equity distribution, and execute liquidity events. Key features include cap table management, 409A valuations, and equity plan administration. The platform caters predominantly to startups, investors, and equity holders, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and streamlined equity operations. Its visual dashboards and detailed reporting make it a vital tool for businesses keen on maintaining precise equity records.


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Founder quotes

Cailey Ryckman

Director of Finance & Operations at Calendly

The process was quick and painless, with very little work needed on my end. At the same time, the process was still highly consultative with Carta’s insightful and professional analyst team.

Dan Budlovsky

CFO at Wattpad

At the end of the year, I can do our stock option accounting with the push of a button on Carta.

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Mercury market share

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