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Meet the startups of Mercury Raise: Seed Spring 23
3 founders on their experience pivoting their companies
June 2023 — 1 email for all your Mercury accounts, custom statements & more
Q&A: Scott Keyes, founder & chief flight expert of Going
Introducing "Pivot," the first print issue of Meridian magazine
Fundraising Today: May 2023 with Rebecca Liu-Doyle of Insight Partners
May 2023 — Profit First accounting, limit-based credit autopay & more
Two founders on why Mercury and startups are the perfect match
Q&A: Vanessa Karel, founder & CEO of Greether
Are sweep networks safe?
How safe are neobanks compared to traditional banks?
How to use the Profit First method to boost your startup's profits
ACH v. wire transfer: What are the main differences?
April 2023 — $5M FDIC insurance, automated payroll, weekly card limits & more
Q&A: Yael Kaufmann, co-founder & COO of Learn In
How to switch your business bank account
Mercury partners with Stripe Atlas to make it faster and smoother to set up a company
How to create a cash flow forecast for your startup
What you need to know about the evolving situation around SVB
Mercury Vault: protect your cash with a money market fund and up to $5M in FDIC insurance
March 2023 — collect payment details faster, increase transfer limits in-app, and more
Meet the Winter 2023 startups of Mercury Raise: Seed
We’ve been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2023
How to analyze a profit and loss (P&L) statement
How to measure product-market fit
How to use multiple business checking accounts for better budgeting
February 2023 — $1M FDIC insurance, merchant cards, and more
How to choose the best corporate card for your startup
December 2022: iOS dark mode, reset 2FA, and more
How to assess the financial health of your bank
What is a sweep network and how does it allow Mercury to offer up to $5M in FDIC insurance?
How Mercury Treasury funds balance risk and return for high-growth startups
How Mercury works with partner banks to secure your funds
How we approach account security at Mercury
November 2022: Magic links, lower Treasury fees, and more
How our Venture Debt dashboard is setting a new standard in lending
How to adopt an effective cash management strategy for your startup
We need to unlearn the lessons of the 2021 fundraising bubble
Pay bills faster, issue cards in bulk, and more
Meet our Mercury Raise Seed Fall 2022 startups
When should you get venture debt, and how is it different from venture capital?
What we learned about idea-stage companies from Mercury Raise First Check
What makes Mercury special? An interview with Veronica Pohls, VP of People
Mercury Raise Series A: a resource for founders raising in uncertain times
Introducing our new credit card — IO
A founder's guide to managing burn
Request payments, increase check deposit limits, and more
Announcing Meridian, our new magazine
Demystifying the complexity of sending international wires through SWIFT
Emergency, GOBLAQ, and Greether receive $15K first checks from Mercury
Introducing the Mercury Stripe App
How to choose the best business bank account for your startup
Meet the Raise VII Startups
Mercury Raise accelerates $1.7B in funding, and we're just getting started
Introducing Mercury Raise First Check
Every time we touch: Touch ID authentication and more
Make money moves: payment reviews, receipts, and more
Mercury madness: referral rewards, mobile improvements, and much more
Meet the Raise VI Startups
Meet the Mercury Raise DTC Brands
Supercharge your VC round with founder-friendly venture debt
Mercury Raise is back—now with Raise DTC
New year, new features: currency exchange, card filters, and more
What we learned from our $5M community round
The Mercury 2021 Recap
Winter releases: iOS domestic wires, monthly card limits, and more
November news: Mercury Capital Guide, auto transfers, and more
We built an Investor Database
Meet the Raise Round IV Startups
Announcing Card Only Users
Our Android app is here
Mercury Raise: Round IV
We raised a $120m Series B, and you can join the round.
A summer of fresh features: free wires, linked accounts, and more
The Raise Round III Startups
New debit card features, Zapier integration, read-only API tokens, and more
Mercury Raise: Round 3
New transaction details, iOS push notifications, partner perks, and more
Applying for the Paycheck Protection Program Second Draw
Mercury Raise: Round 2
The Mercury 2020 Recap
Announcing faster, better international wires
Introducing Mercury Treasury
Mercury Autumn Spice: iOS updates, mobile wallets, and new statements
Announcing Mercury Raise
The Mercury Midsummer Spruce-Up: cards*, navigation, loading speeds, and more
Virtual Cards and Venmo Connections
Moving to and new feature updates
Mercury received $20m in series A funding led by CRV
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