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Meet the Raise Round IV Startups

Meet the Raise Round IV Startups
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We recently launched Mercury Raise Round IV, and we’ve already seen a number of wins for our Raise founders so far.

  • 100% of Round IV companies received intros to investors
  • 530 investor-founder introductions total (47% increase from last round)
  • 11 countries represented, from Peru to Nigeria to Indonesia

We’re refining Raise more and more with each round, and we’re excited to continue to bring the most useful programming we can to early stage founders.

We’re also excited that we get to connect with the startups in this batch, which are doing such great work. Without further ado…

Meet the Raise Round IV startups

Accelpay - B2B/Ecommerce - New York

Accelpay is building online infrastructure to make it simple to sell highly regulated products online.

Adla - Ecommerce/Consumer - Charlotte, North Carolina

Adla lets college women try on clothes for free, and only pay for what they keep.

Altbanc - Fintech - Miami, Florida and San Francisco, California

Altbanc provides alternative lending products to B2B small-and-medium sized businesses.

Beau - B2B Software - Nice, France

Beau is a no-code tool for businesses to onboard and automate interactions with their clients.

Bongalow - Real estate - Lagos, Nigeria

Bongalow is a transactional real estate marketplace making properties and customers bankable via iBuying and rent-to-own solutions in Africa.

Botin - Fintech - U.S.

Botin makes investing in US Stocks simple, free and accessible to Latin America.

Bucks - Fintech - Coconut Creek, FL

Bucks is a financial services platform distributed by employers for their employees as a benefit, with services like on demand pay, payroll loans, and financial education programs.

Business Score - B2B/Fintech - London, U.K. and San Francisco, California

Business Score is Plaid for lending: a universal API of lenders for digital platforms.

Chet - Education - New York

Chet is building bite-sized, curated microcourses from the best experts.

Clever Harvest, Inc. - Agtech - U.S.

Clever Harvest is a platform to coordinate harvesting and milling of crops, starting with olive oil and coffee.

Cloud Produce - Agtech - California and British Columbia

Cloud Produce is growing pesticide-free, organic produce with a dramatically reduced environmental footprint and price.

CropSafe - Agtech/Fintech - San Francisco, California

CropSafe is the financial and operational “control tower” for millions of farms worldwide.

CryptoProof - Crypto/Fintech - Delaware

CryptoProof is bridging the verification gap between the blockchain and the bank by enabling tech-driven automation of digital asset verification.

Fácil - Fintech/Real estate - Mexico City, Mexico

ViveFácil provides tech enabled financial products to make real estate transactions in LatAm radically more affordable, efficient, and safe.

Farel - B2B - San Francisco, California

Farel is the operating system for the next generation of airlines.

Fingo - Fintech - Nairobi, Kenya

Fingo is building a pan-African digital bank for young people.

Gigturbo - AI/Fintech - Los Angeles, California

Gigturbo is the platform empowering all those navigating independent work to hit goals.

Hedgehog - Crypto - Remote

Hedgehog is a cryptocurrency robo-adviser that connects to all your wallets and exchanges to help you trade at the best possible price, automatically.

Here - Fintech/Real estate - Miami, Florida

Here makes investing in vacation rentals as easy as buying stocks.

InEvent - B2B/Cloud - Atlanta, Georgia

InEvent is building the most powerful platform for professional events to broadcast and engage with their audience.

Infiuss Health - Healthcare/B2B - Lagos, Nigeria

Infiuss is a SaaS platform enabling US and EU based Pharma to run clinical trials in Africa.

Investore - Crypto/Fintech - New York

Investore is providing the underserved population in emerging markets a one-stop-shop experience to hold digital dollars, save, invest, and remittance payments.

Ipsum - Construction/B2B - San Francisco, California

Ipsum helps you schedule and plan construction projects more efficiently.

Jumpspeak - Education - Los Angeles, California

Jumpspeak teaches you a new language by speaking in real-world conversations, powered by AI.

Keyri - Security - Remote (U.S.)

Keyri is an authentication API that developers can embed in their mobile apps to enable instant login on desktop by scanning a QR code.

Kidas - AI/Entertainment - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Tel Aviv, Israel

Kidas protects children from online threats such as predators, bullying, and harassment in voice chats in online multiplayer video games.

Kiipo - Healthcare/AI - Boston, Ottawa, and Taipei

Kiipo is disrupting the academic health research sector through its Labfront platform, a code-free wearable data collection, and analytics solution for health research.

Kin - Consumer/Healthcare - San Francisco, California

Kin is a social wellness app to help you build healthy habits.

Koa - Fintech - Nairobi, Kenya

Koa is building a digital bank that allows customers across Kenya to deposit, save and earn interest of up to 10% on their money.

Kurios - Education - Seattle, Washington and Lima, Peru

KURIOS is cohort based online courses for professionals in Latin America.

Litebulb - Recruiting/B2B - Toronto, Canada

Litebulb is transforming the world of technical hiring with the launch of a deep, autonomous technical interviewing platform.

Manifest - B2B/Fintech - Chicago, Illinois

Manifest is the easiest way to consolidate old retirement accounts.

Maven - AI/Healthcare - U.S. and Portugal

Maven is the first AI+Human veterinarian that knows if your pet is safe and healthy 24/7 right from the palm of your hand.

Mayday - Consumer/B2B - Toronto, Canada

Mayday is a personal assistant for your calendar. It combines an intelligent calendar with dynamic scheduling tools, so your schedule always reflects your priorities.

Mogle - Insurance - New York, New York

Mogle provides income stability for freelancers.

OpenBench - Biotech/AI - San Francisco, California

OpenBench provides a risk-free solution for early-stage drug discovery.

Palla - Fintech - Miami, Florida

Palla enables instant P2P payments from the US to other countries.

Paway - Social/Marketplace - Los Angeles, California

​​Paway is Nextdoor for pet parents: the first Pet Network and Marketplace. - Consumer/Fintech - Palo Alto, California is an AI-driven market network that empowers freelancers to achieve financial independence and find purpose.

Qoins - Fintech - Atlanta, Georgia

Qoins is a financial wellness app that helps consumers pay off debt faster through automation and education.

Raise - Fintech - Delaware, Kenya, and Nigeria

Raise is building Carta for Africa, where investors, startups, and lawyers manage deals, build valuations, and automate corporate compliance and cap tables.

Ritual - Consumer - Palo Alto, California

Ritual is hosting the most unique culinary experiences in the world.

Rx Delivered Now - Healthcare - San Francisco, California

Rx Delivered Now is a pharmacy last-mile logistics SaaS platform connecting pharmacies to modern last-mile delivery providers.

Sloika - Crypto - Toronto, Canada and Miami, Florida

Sloika is a photo NFT marketplace, helping creators unleash the power of their creativity on blockchain.

Tokenlaunch - Crypto - San Francisco, California

Tokenlaunch helps you find the best new tokens in crypto.

Verihubs - B2B - Indonesia

Verihubs makes it easy for financial companies to verify their customers and access their customers’ financial data in Indonesia.

Wrangle - B2B/HR Tech - Durham, North Carolina

Wrangle is a no-code approval and ticketing workflow engine made for companies that use Slack.

Stealth cloud startup

Stealth healthcare startup

Stealth tax startup

Ready to Raise?

If you’re getting ready to raise a pre-seed or seed round, sign up here to get notified when our next round of Raise applications opens up.

All you need to apply is a pitch deck and a little information about your company. Signing up takes about 5 minutes.

If you have any feedback about Raise, or have ideas for other programs you’d like to see, please send us a message to [email protected]. We always love to chat.


The Mercury Team

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