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August 3, 2021

Mercury Raise:
Round IV

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Mercury Raise: Round IV

Mercury Raise IV applications are now open for founders raising pre-seed and seed rounds. It only takes a few minutes to apply; just send us your pitch deck and a little info about your company.

Applications are open until August 13th.

Grow with our network of raise-ready founders

Every founder accepted into Raise Round IV gets access to some pretty great perks:

  • Top investors. Raise gets your pitch deck in front of 330+ investors. In the last round of Raise, we made 350+ intros between founders and investors, and over $1.2m in funding has gone into those 50 startups (so far).
  • A community of entrepreneurs. Join our alumni from 26 countries for wild events and mentorship opportunities.
  • Mercury Tea Room. New to this round, all accepted Raise IV founders who open a Mercury account get early access to beta features, extended customer support, and free tea in our Tea Room.

...and much more. If you’re ready to raise now, you can apply to this round right here.

New to Raise? Here’s our FAQ:

What is Raise?

Mercury Raise helps pre-seed and seed stage founders get funding through personal introductions to investors in our network. This is our fourth round of the program so far.

What happens if I’m accepted to Raise?

Accepted founders will be notified via email and we’ll send your info to our Raise investors. If investors are excited by your startup and want to learn more, we’ll personally introduce you to each other.

Are the Raise investors good?

Yeah, they’re pretty good. Some of the top investors in Silicon Valley participate in Raise, including VC firms like a16z, Sequoia, and CRV, plus funds and angels like Allison Barr Allen, Elad Gil, and Sahil Lavingia. Find more here.

Who should apply?

Mercury Raise is for high-growth startups raising seed and pre-seed rounds. You must be a Mercury customer raising a seed or pre-seed round less than $5m.

Does Raise actually work?

While funding is not guaranteed, we've seen a number of successes so far. Our last round of Raise in February had 1200+ applicants, 350+ investor-founder introductions, and $1.2m+ in funding.

I’m not raising right now. Will you run this program in future?

We open applications every few months. Check back in when you’re ready to raise a pre-seed or seed round.

I’m an investor and I want in. Can I join Raise?

Email us at [email protected] if you’re interested in joining as an investor.

If you have any questions, or have ideas for what we should implement into future rounds of Raise, send us a note at [email protected]. We always love to chat.


The Mercury Team