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May 7, 2021

Mercury Raise:
Round 3

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Mercury Raise: Round 3

We’re launching our third round of Mercury Raise today. Our last round of Raise connected hundreds of seed and pre-seed startups with top early-stage investors, including First Round, Village Global, CRV, and Homebrew. And that’s not all.

  • 750+ startups applied (up from 400+ in Raise round 1)
  • 50 startups were selected, including 12 international teams from India, Ghana, Mexico, Malaysia, and more. 96% of them got intros with investors.
  • Graviti, a Mexico City-based BNPL startup, raised almost their entire $2.5m round from Raise investors Active Capital, Matt Brezina, and Kevin Patrick Mahaffey. You can read more about their raise in Crunchbase.

Everyone looked great in their custom Raise merch, too.

We’ve made this round even better

With every round of Raise, we’re doing more to help early-stage founders build and fund their startups. Here’s what you can expect from Raise Round 3:

  • More investors: Raise startups will now be shared with over 250 early-stage investors. Some of the newest investors to sign on include Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), Jeff Seibert and Wayne Chang (Digits), and Ed Roman (Hack VC).
  • Expanded networking: We’ll connect you with your fellow Raise founders to build your network and talk shop with your peers.
  • New advice channels: You’ll get 1:1 pitch feedback from top investors, as well as exclusive talks and Q&As with investors and seed-stage founders who just successfully raised.

How to apply for Raise Round 3

First, you’ll fill out our quick application form. Our selection board of top investors will then choose 50 startups to join the round within 2 weeks.

The next round of Raise applications is now open until May 18. All you need to apply is a pitch deck and a little information about your company. Signing up takes about 5 minutes.

Apply for Mercury Raise here.

Discover the startups from our last Raise

AutoCloud - B2B Software

AutoCloud makes data human-readable by cutting out visual noise.

yodayoda - Artificial Intelligence

yodayoda creates affordable high-definition maps for robots and self-driving cars.

Stealth Biotherapeutics - Healthcare

Stealth develops biopharmaceutical therapies to treat mitochondrial dysfunction.

Navier - Transportation

Navier is making the boat of the future: electric, intelligent, and powerful.

Keyring Inc. - Media

An all-in-one streaming bundle.

Puma Browser - Developer Tools

Puma is a payments-first mobile browser. Private by design.

Voices - Consumer

Voices monetizes video and live-streaming through building passionate communities.

No Comply - Advertising

No Comply creates advertising technology powered by first-party data for brands.

AlgiKnit - Biotech

AlgiKnit is creating eco-conscious, renewable yarns for the circular economy.

Reactiv - Healthcare

Reactiv combines computer vision and gamification to make Physical Therapy easier.

Coco Market - Crypto

The Instacart of migrants' families: send food back home instead of money.

Frenalytics - Healthcare

Frenalytics makes personalized Learning Sessions for people with dementia, autism, and more.

TAG - Fintech

TAG are building the first challenger/mobile bank in the Pakistani market.

Stack - B2B Software

Stack is a tab-less browser for productivity.

Valinor Earth - Agritech

Valinor Earth uses machine learning & satellite data to remotely monitor farm metrics. - Marketplace

LatAm’s leading celebrity engager: fans hire Hispanic celebrities for video shoutouts.

Moichor - Healthcare

Moichor is LabCorp for veterinarians: faster, more detailed, & cost-effective test results.

Sugar - Consumer

Sugar provides task management software to building owners and managers. - Healthcare

End-to-End DIY Lab Software.

Stealth Drone Company - Robotics

Edifice - Artificial Intelligence

Edifice is a spatial analytics company for real estate owners and tenants.

Reconcile - Fintech

Reconcile is a financial voice app that simplifies reconciling our credit card charges.

Lifo - Marketplace

Lifo builds Shopify for influencers to empower their commerce business.

Haulio - Marketplace

Flexport of Southeast Asia: driving the future of container haulage

Spira - Agritech

Spira creates replacements for artificial colors & animal proteins using carbon-negative algae for manufacturers.

Nebullam - Agritech

Building direct-to-consumer indoor farms.

YUR - Virtual Reality

YUR is making fitness a game.

SpeedLegal - Artificial Intelligence

SpeedLegal helps real estate professionals’ clients understand & sign contracts in seconds.

Walnut - Healthcare/fintech

Walnut breaks up large medical bills into small, monthly payments.

AIZA - Artificial Intelligence

AIZA uses machine intelligence for pipeline inspection, O&M, and more.

Reframe Care - Artificial Intelligence

Reframe provides multigenerational insurance protection and coverage, and eldercare.

EcoCart - B2B Software

Creating sustainable shopping experiences for brands and shoppers.

Shadow Labs - Transportation

Shadow Labs is building heavy-lift electric aircraft for military cargo and air-ambulance.

Vessel - Real Estate

Vessel turns American home equity into an asset class the world can invest in.

Become - Healthcare

Helping dental clinics better serve patients and generate more revenue.

AgelessRX - Healthcare

Longevity prescriptions delivered right to your door.

Temper - Healthcare

All the benefits of fasting, none of the hunger.

Tonbo Imaging - Robotics

Tonbo Imaging sees beyond the visible spectrum for autonomy in transportation, defense, and more.

Pigeon Loans - Fintech

Pigeon Loans is a first of its kind peer-to-peer lending platform.

WolfDe - Artificial intelligence

Decarbonizing food supply chains by collecting emissions data at each node of the supply chain using chatbots and satellite imagery.

Prox - Marketplace

1:1 video calls with the world’s leading minds.

PandaFlow - B2B Software

Connect and automate multiple SaaS apps with no-code.

Roombus - Hardware

Roombus is using technology and human-centered design to build the future of housing.

Atom Limbs - Robotics

Mind-controlled artificial limbs.

AmpUp - Transportation

Intelligent EV charging for communities of all shapes and sizes.

Ramani - Fintech

Ramani integrates with CPG brands to provide their distributors with 30-day loans on inventory.

Doola - Other

Doola virtualizes the entire end-of-life process, making cremation cheap, convenient, and eco-friendly.

kiteKRAFT - Energy

Building flying wind turbines to radically expand wind power's applications.

Graviti - Fintech

Graviti is a buy now, pay later platform of household appliances for the low-income, unbanked sector in LatAm.

FiClub - Fintech

FiClub is a Social Trust Network for Finance in Emerging Markets.

If you have any feedback about Raise, or have ideas for other programs you’d like to see, please send us a message to [email protected]. We always love to chat.


The Mercury Team