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Meet the startups of Mercury Raise: Seed Spring 23

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The flowers are blooming, the trees are greening, and the birds are singing — Spring is officially underway — and with it, a new cohort of Mercury Raise: Seed. The latest round of 53 up-and-coming startups in the midst of fundraising has been accepted to this season’s program.

To help them become the flourishing startups of tomorrow, Mercury Raise: Seed provides fertile ground for growth. Participants get access to Mercury’s vetted network of over 800 investors to help startups secure funding through warm introductions to top angels and VCs.

These 53 companies were selected by our panel of judges, comprised of leading early-stage VCs. The judges made their selections based on who they believe are most prepared to raise a pre-seed or seed round based on the business idea, team, and early-growth indicators. Upon selection, finalists’ pitch decks are shared with our network of investors — when an investor’s interest is piqued, we make a personal introduction.

This latest round was incredibly competitive, with a significant increase in both the number and quality of applications. Here are some stats on what we saw this season:

  • We accepted 53 startups from 3,000+ applications.
  • This round’s accepted startups operate across 26 industries — from artificial intelligence to transportation.
  • Finalists are based in nine countries, including Italy, Ireland, and Nigeria.
  • More than 60% of the 53 accepted startups are in artificial intelligence or B2B Software.
  • Over half of accepted startups plan to raise $2M or more funding.

As always, Raise: Seed Spring 23 participants will also have access to exclusive events, including pitch workshops and fireside chats with top VCs. In addition, they can opt-in to receive curated, 1:1 introductions to other founders in their cohort and get access to ongoing, exclusive founder peer groups.

Given the continually changing landscape of the early-stage fundraising environment, we look forward to working with these founders throughout their fundraising journeys and beyond.

With that, we're excited to present the latest cohort of Mercury Raise: Seed companies.

Akello Health

Healthcare Tech — U.S.

Akello Health provides mental health services for Medicare members.

Athena AI

B2B Software/AI — U.S.

Elevate product planning with Athena AI – an intelligent tool accelerating idea creation, iteration, and execution.


Marketplace/B2B Software — U.S.

Augmeta unlocks progressive discovery for developer tooling platforms through unbundling of their outcomes. Each outcome becomes a differentiated acquisition funnel encouraging precise-intent activation from engineering teams and adoption from community champions.

Bolder Money

Fintech/Health and Wellness — U.S.

Bolder Money is the only chat-based money-coaching platform solving the emotional side of money for consumers who don't work with financial advisors. They help their members achieve their financial goals by addressing the emotional and behavioral side of money. Think Noom but for money.

Browse AI

B2B Software/AI/API — U.S.

Browse AI lets anyone turn a website into a spreadsheet or API in 2 minutes; used by over 150,000 individuals and teams.


Marketplace — U.S.

Redefining pet ownership in the TikTok era, Camlist lets you fall in love with your next furry family member (and bring them home) right from your favorite social media app.


Healthcare Tech — U.S.

Canid is a pediatric management platform whose first product lets pediatric clinics give vaccines effectively and profitably. They boil down the process of providing a vaccine to a single scan: automating the financials, reporting, data, and care optimization strategies.


Healthcare Tech/Marketplace/Consumer — U.S.

CareCopilot is an intelligent marketplace of the key services you need when caring for an adult loved one, like an aging parent.


Artificial Intellgience/Consumer — Israel

Column is creating an identity protocol that helps you leverage your social capital. Their goal is to enable people to showcase their skills and knowledge, and to connect data created by like-minded individuals.


Artificial Intelligence — U.S. and U.K.

Competera is a new kind of AI/ML-powered pricing platform for retailers. Deep learning algorithms learn customers’ purchase behavior, continuously re-quantifying billions of possible price combinations. Minimize the enterprise clients’ financial losses, recouping 6% of gross margin on average.


Analytics/API/Artificial Intelligence — U.S.

A spreadsheet that's pre-connected to over 1,500 APIs out of the box, Databar allows you to connect to live data sources and enrich your data in real time without code.


B2B Software/AI/Productivity — U.S.

Dreamsands cuts frontend developer time by 90%. Drag and drop any image to Dreamsands and get deploy-ready code and CSS you can use in your own projects.


Real Estate/Consumer/Marketplace — U.S.

Your partner in home upkeep, EasyHome takes the headache and hassle out of home maintenance, helping you care for your home like a pro.


Education — U.S.

The EnrichedHQ Market is a hub of life-skills-building programs for kids in grades 4+. They work with corporations looking for better ways to support working families.


Agriculture Tech/API/Marketplace — U.S.

Farm is a platform for investing in farmland regeneration, allowing accredited investors to own a piece of a greener future.


Artificial Intelligence/B2B Saas/Automation — U.S.

Filmustage is a SaaS solution that offers an AI-powered film production ecosystem for process optimization. It combines script breakdown, scheduling, reporting, and risk management tools.

Flourish Science

Healthcare Tech — U.S.

Flourish Science is a mental health and social wellness company addressing the escalating loneliness epidemic in the workplace and at school. Through a mobile app and community programming, Flourish guides users to practice simple, science-based actions with “Flourish Buddies” for more happiness and deeper connections.

Grasshopper Kids

Education/Marketplace — U.S.

Grasshopper Kids is a marketplace for personalized, in-person learning for kids ages 3–12. Think "Airbnb experiences for kids," held at home with a teacher offering education on topics like filmmaking, composing music, dinosaur math, or Harry Potter STEM.


HR Tech — U.S.

Huntr is a blue-collar worker marketplace that helps enterprises connect with service providers such as government and training partners to source, manage, and onboard a large volume of the job-ready workforce.


Fintech/Automation/B2B Software — U.S.

Hyperseed is the FinOps Automation Hub. It empowers finance teams with direct control over automating and streamlining complex financial workflows, such as B2B SaaS recurring custom billing.


Security/Deep Tech/Internet — U.S.

INVISV provides privacy and security in communications for companies and those they serve.


Consumer/Social/Artificial Intelligence — U.S.

Keeper uses the power of LLMs and CV to make in-depth marriage matches, like a traditional matchmaker would.

Kismet Health

Healthcare Tech — U.S.

Kismet Health is building the pediatric mental telehealth service of the future.


Fintech/Legal/B2B Software — Ireland

Legitify is simplifying cross-border transactions by digitizing notarization, allowing users to notarize documents online from anywhere.

Lirvana Labs

Artificial Intelligence/Deep Tech/Education — U.S.

Lirvana Labs makes screen time more productive, safe, and educational for kids using the power of AI.


HR Tech/Marketplace/B2B Software — Mexico

Maslow is an innovative SaaS company that simplifies benefits administration and offers personalized benefits for employees, contractors, and loyalty programs, available anywhere and anytime.


B2B Software/Social — Canada

movr is a SaaS platform built for better movement health, providing evidence-based, personalized movement health technology. They enable health and wellness applications to measurably improve movement in short, personalized experiences.

Otis AI

Marketing/Artificial Intelligence/B2B Software — U.S.

Otis AI is the all-in-one digital marketing platform that makes it easy for startups and SMBs to launch powerful, data-driven campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and YouTube. With Otis, businesses can connect their existing platforms and use their own customer and transaction data to automate their marketing efforts, resulting in an average of 10x return on ad spend and 2–3x improvements in ad effectiveness.

Panda Health

Artificial Intelligence/Healthcare/B2B Software — London

Panda provides predictive mental healthcare and AI-driven insights for high-performance organizations.

Parrot Finance

Fintech — U.S.

Parrot is a social investing platform made to make mimicking trades of your community and learning about investing more straightforward than ever.


Security/B2B Software/API — U.S.

Safe helps individuals and businesses protect their communications with secure tools for verifying and authenticating confidential information.


Analytics/B2B Software/Biotech — U.S.

Scispot provides a configurable tech stack for managing data and workflows in modern biotech, acting as a cohesive "glue" to seamlessly integrate R&D data for effortless visualization, machine learning, and auditing.


Prop Tech/Automation/B2B Software — Brazil and U.S.

Skedway is a cutting-edge platform that enables businesses to manage hybrid workspaces with ease, providing real-time visibility, frictionless access control, and a seamless employee experience.


Artificial Intelligence/Art/Education — U.S.

Sketchar builds deep-tech mobile products to help people unleash their imagination through drawing.


Consumer/Social/Marketplace — U.S.

SOON is a dating app focused on facilitating IRL meetings within the first few exchanges.

SQLite Cloud

Artificial Intelligence/B2B Software/Developer Tools - Italy and U.S.

SQLite Cloud allows you to share and scale any SQLite database globally in a few seconds. They guarantee your strongly consistent data while handling all the technical details about managing the underlying infrastructure, security, and data distribution.


Fintech — Colombia

Suplio is going after the $100B construction materials market in Latin America by helping small and medium-sized builders finance and source construction materials with a market that is growing 2.5x faster than the U.S. — with 70% made up of SMBs.


B2B Software — Canada

Surf is a white-label loyalty and rewards platform that equips enterprises with the technology they need to capture data ethically, reward users sustainably, and monetize users effectively.


B2B Software/Artificial Intelligence — U.S.

Textla is an intelligent SMS marketing platform for SMBs that connects directly to their messaging provider of choice like Twilio, Vonage, AWS, or Messagebird,. It helps them save 400% on their average marketing spend.

The Swarm

B2B Software/HR Tech — U.S.

Activate your company network. Bring the connections of your team and stakeholders together and tap into warm relationships to grow more efficiently.

TIBU Health

Healthcare — Kenya

TIBU Health leverages technology to deliver healthcare where people live, work and click.


Consumer/Fintech — U.S.

Unbanx is a Fairtrade consumer intelligence platform. They enable their users to create value for themselves from and on top of their spending data, and enable them to reach users based on their spending habits. This can be a survey, product review, and content creation requests through the Unbanx app.


B2B Software/Future of Work — U.S.

Unthread is a Slack-native customer support platform that transforms requests into prioritized tickets.


Energy/Climate/Transportation/Consumer — U.S.

Upshift fractional EV car subscriptions are the future of car non-ownership, allowing users to subscribe to an EV that arrives charged and ready to go on days when a user needs to drive it.


Energy/Climate/B2B Software/Supply Chain — U.S.

Supply chain sustainability in minutes, not months, enabled by AI.


Fintech — U.S.

Wallbit is a neobank that gives global remote workers a U.S. bank account where they can receive their income, withdraw in local currencies, and invest in U.S. securities.

Workorder AI

Construction/Artificial Intelligence/B2B Software — U.S.

Workorder offers AI software for construction estimators.

Zen Sleep

Healthcare Tech/Artificial Intelligence — U.S.

Zen Sleep is a sleep technology coaching platform for employers and insurance payors. Think Modern Health or Noom, but for sleep.


Artificial Intelligence/Robotics/Government Technology — U.S.

ZeroMark is a pioneering defense technology company that's harnessing AI, robotics, and firearms to redefine security and public safety. Their products significantly increase weapon speed, accuracy, and precision while reducing unintended harm.

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