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March 22, 2022

Meet the Raise VI Startups

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Meet the Raise VI Startups

We recently launched Mercury Raise Seed VI. Here are some stats on our latest round:

  • We accepted 56 startups
  • 91% of startups received at least three intros to investors
  • Seed VI startups operate across 22 industries, including crypto, transportation, and healthcare
  • Nine countries were represented, including Mexico, Nigeria, and Thailand

With Raise Seed VI, we’ve also added the option for founders to request intros to investors, get their pitches reviewed by peers, and have coffee discussions to chat fundraising with other founders.

Without further ado, introducing the latest cohort of Raise Seed VI companies:

Allawee - Fintech - Nigeria

Allawee has built developer-friendly credit APIs that make it easy for businesses to offer credit to their customers.

Archetype - Developer tools - U.S.

Archetype is a set of SDKs that makes it easy for APIs to build subscriptions, analyze customer data, and grow recurring revenue.

Asenso - Fintech - USA

Asenso provides community banks and CDFIs with the right technology and expertise to enable them to offer lower-interest loans at scale so they can do what they do best–connect and fund small businesses in their communities–this time, at a higher volume.

Botin - Fintech - U.S.

Botin is a mobile app that allows people in Latin America to invest in U.S. stocks, crypto, and more. Think of them as a mix between Robinhood and Revolut.

Cherry - Consumer/Fintech - U.S.

Cherry is Pipe for Main Street. They’re a subscription platform that enables small businesses to offer monthly and yearly subscriptions and receive payments from these subscriptions.

Clever - Fintech/Ecommerce - Singapore

Clever enables users to 'Buy To Earn' and get instant cash back at the checkout.

Club - Consumer/Social - France

Club is a next gen Patreon: mobile-first, social, and creators get paid in fiat & crypto.

CuraFi - Fintech/Healthcare - U.S.

CuraFi expands patient access to life-saving drugs by developing an integrated specialty pharmacy and care delivery payment model.

Debbie - Consumer/Fintech/Education - U.S.

Debbie is the first rewards platform that helps users pay off their debt. They’re building financial products that incentivize positive behavior.

Decibel - Advertising - U.S.

Decibel is an audio ads buying platform that connects with most audio platforms, including podcasts, streaming apps, and digital radio.

Diall - Education/Media/Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Diall makes mental health approachable by educating students on mental health before they reach a state of crisis.

EaziPay - B2B/Fintech - Nigeria

EaziPay is a simple, five-minute payroll payment solution for African businesses. Think Gusto for Africa.

Hippo.Build - B2B/Construction - Colombia

Hippo.Build is creating personalized enterprise resource planning (ERP) for construction companies. They connect with the IT solutions that a company already has implemented, no matter the provider of the software.

Ethermed - B2B/Healthcare - U.S.

Ethermed is building the modern healthcare system OS. They use AI to solve prior authorizations for medical providers and health insurance payers.

Finera - Consumer/Fintech - U.S.

Finera is a one-stop credit lending business for expats, foreign nationals, and remote workers, starting with mortgage lending in the U.S.

Flex - B2B/Fintech - Nigeria

Flex helps businesses in Africa manage approval workflow, monitor employee spending, and make disbursements, all from a single platform.

Flightcontrol - B2B/Developer Tools - U.S.

Flightcontrol allows developers to deploy scalable, secure applications without devops.

Fragmynt - Crypto - U.S.

Fragmynt is building the NYSE (the Fragmynt protocol) and Robinhood (the Fragmynt trading platform) for the blockchain.

FranShares - Consumer/Fintech/Marketplace - U.S.

FranShares opens up a new asset class through fractional franchise ownership. They help provide passive income, hedge against inflation, and diversify from traditional investments.

Glyde - B2B/Hospitality - U.S.

Glyde is a contactless dining and payments platform for brands to help reduce costs and improve guest experience.

Intramotev - B2B/Hardware - U.S.

Intramotev is building autonomous electric-battery freight railcars that enable the shift of freight movement from trucking to rail, resulting in benefits like reduced emissions, cost & traffic congestion, and increased safety.

KittyCAD - B2B - U.S.

KittyCAD brings code to hardware design and is building the mechanical CAD of the future.

Konduit - B2B/Fintech/Marketplace - U.S.

Konduit is an embedded fintech platform that enables banks to quickly onboard, mix-and-match, configure, and test third-party fintech solutions through a no-code SaaS platform.

Kontempo - B2B/Fintech - U.S.

Kontempo’s API makes it easy for B2B sellers in Latin America to offer alternative payment methods to their customers like Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and interest-free installments. Their embedded solution can boost average order value, reduces payment risk for sellers, and strengthens customer loyalty.

Ladder - Consumer - U.S.

Ladder is a next-gen professional community platform.

Lilly - Consumer/Fintech - U.S.

Lilly lets you grow your retirement savings with every purchase you make. Use their connected cards to convert your cashback into retirement savings.

Maven Pet - Consumer/Healthcare - U.S.

Maven Pet is the first veterinarian involving both AI and humans. They let pet owners check that their pet is safe and healthy 24/7 right from the palm of their hand.

MDAlgorithms - Consumer/Healthcare/Artificial Intelligence - U.S.

MDAlgorithms is democratizing dermatology with AI. Their apps analyze skin and hair, and provide medical-grade personalized treatment delivered to a customer’s doorstep.

Mesha - Crypto - U.S.

Mesha lets users invest in crypto and NFTs together in teams.

Monetizr - B2B/Gaming - U.S.

Monetizr helps big consumer brands connect directly to customers through meaningful engagement campaigns in a network of games.

MyAdvocate - Fintech/Legal - U.S.

MyAdvocate is an online estate planning solution built to match the quality of a traditional attorney without spending thousands paying for one.

NanoVMs - B2B/Developer Tools - U.S.

NanoVMs runs Linux software faster and safer than Linux through unikernels.

Obsidiam - Crypto/Fintech - U.S. and Costa Rica

Obsidiam uses blockchain technology to provide financial and commercial services in Latin America. They offer an ecosystem that allows users to access cryptocurrency as an investment tool and use it in their everyday lives, including paying for goods and services, remittances, cashing in, and cashing out.

Orcastra - Crypto - U.S.

Orcastra is an app builder designed for DAOs and communities to build together. They enable non-technical members to easily contribute to landing pages, dashboards, and internal tools.

Owl3d - Virtual Reality/Crypto - U.S. and Shanghai

Owl3D is building the next-gen content platform for the AR/VR era.

Paar - B2B - U.S.

Paar is a deep-learning analytics platform for ecommerce brands. They help executives get insights on the most important questions about growth.

Playbook - Consumer/Sports - U.S.

Playbook is building Robinhood-meets-Twitter for fantasy sports and sports betting. Their weekly market lets users buy and short player performances. It also has a Venmo-style social bet feed.

Plexi - Fintech/Ecommerce - U.S.

Plexi provides powerful, light, and easy headless commerce for messaging experiences.

Staax - Fintech - U.S.

Staax is a social investment platform integrated with peer-to-peer payments.

Rhetoric - B2B/Fintech - U.S.

Rhetoric makes it easy to record high-quality presentations via collaborative/AI-based feedback and intelligent editing.

Shiny - Consumer/Marketplace - U.S.

Shiny is a marketplace that gives startups access to top-tier fractional talent, allowing them to scale smarter and faster.

SnapiHealth - Consumer/Biotech - U.S.

SnapiHealth is building the future of infant health with the first at-home microbiome test.

Snaptrude - B2B/Construction - U.S.

Snaptrue is a collaborative 3D building design tool. Think: Figma for the construction industry.

Steady - Consumer/Real Estate/Fintech - U.S.

Steady lets you invest in commercial real estate through their platform for $100.

Strada - Consumer/Marketplace/NTFs - U.S.

Strada is an online marketplace for a new generation of artists and collectors selling and buying NFTs and physical art.

Temper - Consumer/Healthcare - U.S.

Temper is a behavior-first metabolic health platform.

Tour.Video - Marketing - U.S.

Tour.Video is a platform to scale 1:1 interactive, byte-sized video tours that service-based businesses across America, like universities, property management companies, accelerators and conferences are using to greet and convert their virtual visitors on their websites.

Uplinq - Fintech - Canada

Uplinq is the first global credit assessment platform for small business lenders. They provide lenders with billions of unique and validated data signals beyond traditional credit indicators to help them make the most accurate decisions possible.

Xillion - Fintech - U.S.

Xillion is a wealth management platform for everyone. Our platform provides tools as well as mentoring to help you build and preserve wealth.

Stealth media startup

Stealth cloud startup

Stealth fintech startup

Stealth edtech startup

Stealth security startup

Stealth fintech startup

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