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June 28, 2021

The Raise Round III Startups

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The Raise Round III Startups
We recently launched Mercury Raise Round III, and we’re pleased that it’s been our biggest round yet.
  • 1,200+ startups applied (up 62% from the last round).
  • 50 companies hand-picked for the round by our selection board.
  • 350+ investor-founder introductions, with even more on the way.
  • 15 countries represented, from Pakistan to Lithuania to Kenya.
We’re excited about the momentum so far, and to continue building out more useful events and resources for our Raise founders.
We're also excited about what the startups in this batch are working on. Without further ado...

Meet the Raise Round III startups

Airwaive - Marketplace - San Francisco, California
Airwaive is an online marketplace connecting wireless carriers with property owners for the site acquisition and management of 5G small cells.
Akute Health - B2B/Healthcare - Texas
Akute Health is a medical record system and tech stack for DTC & virtual-first healthcare startups.
Avenify - Fintech - New York
Avenify is private financing for nursing students, enabling them to pay for school with ISAs and get a job once they graduate.
Beaker Health - Education/Healthcare tech - Austin, Texas
Beaker Health is where healthcare professionals can become influencers in their field by providing continuing education.
BetterYou - Artificial Intelligence/B2B - St. Paul, Minnesota
BetterYou is a wellness tool that automatically logs how employees spend time to help them improve their social, physical, and mental health.
Billdr - Construction/Marketplace - Montreal, Quebec
Billdr is a vertically-integrated home renovation marketplace that is reinventing how people plan and manage their renovation projects.
Bloompay Inc. - Fintech - California
Bloompay is a payments and savings app that lets anyone in the world send, receive and save in dollars.
Byte - Food - Pakistan
Byte is building on-demand food delivery from cloud kitchens in Pakistan.
Deft - Ecommerce - Los Angeles, California
Deft is Google Shopping meets Wirecutter, where you can find, research, and buy products across all e-commerce sites.
Devbook - Dev tools - Prague, Czech Republic
Devbook is a search engine for developers that reduces context-switching and can be accessed right from the code editor.
Docket Legal - B2B - Seattle, Washington
Docket helps legal teams triage requests, collaborate across the enterprise, track data, and generate analytics.
Drift Bio - B2B/Biotech - Remote
Drift Bio makes fast, easy to use software to democratize genomic sequencing.
Duelchat - Augmented reality - San Francisco, California
Duelchat is the Discord of AR/VR: the communication platform of the future, connecting AR and VR headsets to billions of mobile phones.
Dwellito - Construction - Oakland, California & Phoenix, Arizona
Dwellito is a modular home marketplace that helps you find, compare, and purchase a prefab modular home.
FutureFit AI - B2B/Edtech - NYC, New York & Toronto, Ontario
FutureFit AI provides an AI-powered tool for job seekers that acts as a 'GPS for your Career'.
Get on board - Human Resources - USA & LatAm
Get on Board helps HR speed up remote recruiting and reduce sourcing costs.
Hedado - Consumer/Marketplace - Los Angeles, California
Hedado is the future of personal philanthropy: recurring monthly giving, nonprofit discovery, receipt management, and impact assessment.
ImaliPay - Fintech - Nairobi, Kenya
ImaliPay is an embedded financial platform offering services to African gig economy platforms and workers through a single API.
Kanbee - Consumer/Fintech - Pacifica, California
Kanbee is a PFM app that automates your budget and pays you at the same time.
Kitch - Marketplace - New York City, New York
Kitch is a managed marketplace connecting underutilized commercial kitchens with food businesses.
Kiwi Biosciences - Consumer/Biotech - Boston, Massachusetts
Kiwi Biosciences is a biotech company innovating gut relief solutions like the world’s first enzyme supplement to break down FODMAPs.
LÜK - Marketplace/B2B - Los Angeles, California
LÜK is the fastest way to discover, book and pay professional talent in the advertising and entertainment industries.
Maslo - Fitness/Education - San Francisco, California
Maslo is helping people run half marathons in 30 days by packaging everything they need to accomplish their goal in one experience.
MVX - Transportation - Lagos, Nigeria
MVX makes freight shipping easier for companies of any size in Africa by bringing the whole booking and deployment process online.
Naologic Inc - B2B - New York
Naologic is a completely visual, no-code platform that helps SMBs build custom marketing, sales, operations, HR, training, and purchasing apps.
Ndovu - Fintech - Kenya
Ndovu is Wealthfront for Africa: a micro investment platform that provides easy access to financial markets.
Ola Financial Technologies - Fintech - Miami, Florida
OLA helps consumers in LATAM grow their wealth with financial products that enable them to learn, invest, and save.
Peachy Pay, Inc. - Fintech/Healthcare - Los Angeles
Peachy helps healthcare providers get paid faster by making patient payments quicker, easier, and more affordable.
Privoce, Inc. - Social - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Privoce is Shopify meets social media, allowing you to compose and share a social media platform based on your cloud.
Puma - Dev Tools/Crypto - San Francisco, California
Puma is a mobile Web3 browser that enables seamless payments for creators, app and game developers, and charities of your choice.
Pyoneer - Artificial intelligence/B2B - Munich, Germany
Pyoneer provides AI-powered, self-serve customer feedback analytics enabling companies to deliver better customer experiences in real-time.
QisstPay - Fintech - Pakistan
QisstPay is Pakistan's first Buy Now, Pay Later platform providing interest-free installments for both eCommerce and in-store transactions.
QVALON is a mobile solution for managing retail operational processes, streamlining workflows between the head office and retail stores, and boosting efficiency with task management, inspections, collaboration, and analytics.
Revela, Inc. - Consumer/Biotech - Boston, Massachusetts
Revela is bringing the most advanced biotechnology to consumer health goods.
Sonar, Inc. - Social - San Francisco, California
Sonar is Minecraft meets Discord, blurring the lines between gaming and social networks.
SPLEET, INC. - Real estate - Nigeria
Spleet is a proptech solution democratizing access to rental housing in Africa.
Superadmin - Dev tools - San Francisco, California
Superadmin is a no-code visual testing and design spec automation platform.
Turing College - Education - Lithuania
Turing College is an online data science school suitable for all levels of expertise.
Vectorly - Artificial Intelligence/media - San Francisco, California
Vectorly uses AI to upscale video content and allows viewers to stream low resolution video and watch it in high definition.
Via.Delivery - B2B/Transportation - Singapore
Via.Delivery enables pure-play e-commerce to cut shipping costs by 80% compared to traditional carriers.

Viable - B2B - Remote
Viable helps businesses get answers to their customer and product questions quickly and easily using AI.
Warp - Fintech - Mexico
Warp is building bank accounts and payment methods to kill cash usage and make micro-transactions possible in Mexico.

Wellnest - Consumer - Remote
Wellnest is a mobile app that creates a digital world for your well-being where you can journal, meditate, explore – all with your avatar.
Windsor - Artificial Intelligence/B2B - San Francisco, California
Windsor is tackling the future of personalized synthetic media.
Winona Inc - Consumer/healthcare - Delaware
Winona is a digitally native, fully verticalized health platform focused on fighting aging and menopause.

Stealth Fintech Company - USA
Stealth fintech company working on a new form of checkout experience.

Stealth RegTech Company - Lagos, Nigeria

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