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October 5, 2022

Meet our Mercury Raise Seed Fall 2022 startups

The Mercury Team

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Meet our Mercury Raise Seed Fall 2022 startups

The latest round of Mercury Raise Seed, Raise Seed Fall 2022, is underway, and with it comes a new cohort of innovative, high-growth startups that we've added to our network.

One of our four Raise programs, Mercury Raise Seed aims to support burgeoning startups with big potential at the earliest stages of funding. The goal? To help these startups get their seed rounds in front of 500+ investors. Our judging panel of top early-stage VCs select the startup applicants most prepared to raise a pre-seed or seed round based on their business idea, team, and early growth indicators. We then share the startups' pitch decks with investors in our network — if an investor is interested in learning more about a particular startup, we make a personal introduction.

Here are some stats on our latest round of Mercury Raise Seed:

  • We accepted 52 startups from 1,900 applications.
  • This round’s startups operate across 24 industries — from entertainment to climate tech — and in six different countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.
  • Half of the 52 accepted startups are in either financial tech or healthcare tech.
  • 63% of accepted startups plan to raise $2M or more in funding.

With each round of Mercury Raise, we always look for new ways to support founders. As part of Raise Seed VIII, we hosted an exclusive discussion panel for participants to learn best practices for raising a seed round. The 52 finalists also received curated, 1:1 introductions to other founders in their cohort, as well as access to ongoing founder peer groups.

While it may be a challenging time for fundraising, it’s still a good time for a great idea — and we’re eager to help these founders overcome obstacles to make their great ideas work.

Meet the latest cohort of Raise Seed companies to watch:

Alima - Agriculture Tech - Mexico

Alima is a supply chain tech company simplifying the procurement of fresh produce in Latin America.

Alkemy - B2B Software - U.S.

Alkemy is a Latin American-based startup transforming the way companies hire and onboard talent. They help companies streamline their pre-employment processes by applying a proprietary technology that easily identifies candidate skills, avoiding biases and relying on objective performance data.

Altbanc - Financial Technology - U.S.

Altbanc is a financial technology platform that provides alternative lending products to small- and medium-sized B2B businesses.

Blip Labs Technologies - B2B Software - U.S.

Blip is a bill pay company that provides fintech companies and financial institutions with the tools and insights for improving the financial health of their end users.

Blooming Health - B2B Software/Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Blooming Health helps older adults age well by connecting them to social and healthcare service providers near their own homes and communities via an easy-to-use digital engagement and referral solution.

CAPNOS - Consumer/Healthcare Tech - U.S.

CAPNOS helps people manage behavioral cravings for vaping and smoking.

Castor - Financial Technology - Mexico

Castor provides workers with much needed liquidity between paychecks by giving them access to a portion of their wages on a daily basis through the Castor Card without charging transaction or interest fees.

Club - Consumer - U.S.

Club is a mobile app that helps creatives make a living by allowing them to offer premium content to their fans through a monthly subscription service.

Crecy - Crypto - Mexico

Crecy is the first crypto-backed credit card in Latin America and helps 25M+ crypto investors in the region unlock the power of their crypto. By using the Crecy crypto-backed credit card, users gain instant access to cash without selling their crypto and without tax obligations — all while generating an APY of up to 10% on their collateral.

DocSales - B2B Software/Cloud - U.S.

DocSales is an award-winning, B2B SaaS platform that puts sales closing on autopilot. It allows users to generate proposals and contracts through their preferred CRM with zero clicks: just drag the opportunity card to a new phase and DocSales will automatically prepare and send the required documents to your new customer. DocSales’ built-in eSigning platform speeds up the closing of deals by processing payments when the customer eSigns the document.

Dose - Marketplace - U.S.

Dose is an online marketplace that makes it easy for talented professionals to productize and monetize their skills, knowledge, and experience by connecting them with businesses that deliver 30-minute, virtual doses of inspiration and learning.

Encore - B2B Service/Financial Technology/Entertainment - U.S.

Encore is entertainment's new back office. It transforms how talent and talent representatives do business.

Flick - Financial Technology - Nigeria

Flick is an automated, bank-to-bank, contactless payment solution that reduces payment checkout time by 80%. It allows users to securely link all their bank accounts in one place and make instant, contactless payments across Africa — both online and in-store.

Flight Health - Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Flight Health powers medical practices so that doctors can focus on caregiving.

Gigmile - Financial Technology - Ghana

Gigmile is a platform that democratizes access to asset financing, working capital, and critical services to help mobility-based gig workers succeed in Africa’s rising gig economy.

Greener - Crypto/B2B Software/Transportation - U.S.

Greener is the first platform and web3 protocol to automate environmental impact tokenization and trading in the waste management industry.

Hints - Artificial Intelligence - U.S.

Hints is a mobile-first, AI-powered tool for capturing and populating data without context switching.

Home Pro Pay - Financial Technology/B2B Software/Real Estate - U.S.

Home Pro Pay is working to digitize $1.5T of annual construction payments.

Innerwell - Health Services - U.S.

Innerwell is an integrated care delivery company for the psychedelic renaissance. They specialize in clinically-proven psychedelic therapies that put people on a path towards sustained healing.

Jelly - Consumer Tech - U.S.

Jelly is building a fandom social platform and community for Gen Z teen girls.

Kyshi - Financial Tech - U.K.

Kyshi is a global neobank for Africans that provides multi-currency accounts and remittance services, facilitating simpler money transfers across borders.

Lolas - Healthcare Tech - Mexico

Lolas is a community committed to the mental health of Latinas worldwide.

Lunch - Financial Technology - U.S.

Lunch digitizes payments in large, legacy verticals — starting with the U.S. education industry.

Metadash - B2B Software/Cloud/Developer Tools - U.S.

Metadash is a universal cloud console that automatically optimizes for security, spend, and stability.

Nimble - Crypto/Fintech - U.S.

Nimble is a cost-effective, decentralized insurance platform that brings more equity and profitability to all parties involved, including policy holders, capital providers, underwriters, and more. Leveraging a 50% foundation subsidy, Nimble insureds benefit from better coverage, a supportive community, and increased efficiency.

nMachine - Cloud/Developer Tools - U.S.

nMachine is a low-code solution that lets companies rapidly create powerful operations platforms for their engineers who need to safely operate their complex, programmable, cloud-native infrastructure on a daily basis. In other words, nMachine builds programmable platforms (i.e., programmable PaaS) for the modern programmable infrastructure era.

Parkday - B2B Software/Consumer/Food - U.S.

Parkday makes software that structures food service offerings and personalizes the experience for end consumers. Through its data infrastructure, Parkday enables applications that anticipate customer demand and automate offerings, resulting in higher satisfaction scores, less time to checkout, and reduced waste.

Pelican - Fintech/Education - U.S.

Pelican’s mission is to invest in the potential of future generations. Their platform makes it easy for users to empower their loved ones on the way to a bright future, and helps them hack education savings planning with smart and free tools.

Perform - Artificial Intelligence/Consumer/Fitness - U.S.

Perform brings together human coaching and AI to help runners of all levels reach their goals at scale. The program democratizes access to coaching by combining individual attention with a smart training app to provide personalized plans, support, and accountability..

Pura Mente - Healthcare Tech - Argentina

Pura Mente App provides live meditation sessions and courses for beginner and advanced wellness seekers. With a distinctive approach that fosters closeness between teachers and the app’s community, Pura Mente is already one of the best-rated meditation apps.

Qurable - B2B/Consumer/Marketplace - Argentina

Qurable is a token-gating platform that facilitates interactions between brands, creators, and their respective audiences, helping to create memorable relationships using web3 technology. It supercharges membership and loyalty concepts by targeting specific audiences through tokens and adding unlimited value for collectibles communities.

Renegade - B2B Software/Entertainment - U.S.

Renegade is a SaaS platform for music publishers and rights holders to efficiently monetize and manage their publishing IP, metadata, and royalties.

Secured Carbon - Fintech/Climate Tech - U.S.

Secured Carbon issues on-chain, verified climate performance bonds and credits.

Seek Health AI - Artificial Intelligence/B2B Software/ Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Seek is a first-to-market conversational aide for healthcare professionals and patients. Their  SaaS solution leverages AI to enhance, capture, and analyze healthcare conversations to bridge health inequity gaps and provide better healthcare outcomes.

Shmoody - Consumer - U.S.

Shmoody is the first mental health app that's actually fun to use. It helps people feel better now, as well as build positive habits over time.

Slumber One - Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Slumber One is a mobile app that helps users get better sleep by leveraging psychology. It uses a combination of behavioral therapy, habit-building, social accountability, and gamification to create an enjoyable yet clinically effective way for people to improve their sleeping habits.

Staging Labs - Crypto/Security - U.S.

Staging Labs is an infrastructure layer protecting web3 users and businesses from mistakes, hacks, and scams.

Retreat - B2B Software/HR Tech/Travel - U.S.

Retreat is an end-to-end corporate offsite planning SaaS platform for distributed/hybrid teams.

Third Society - Crypto/Artificial Intelligence/B2B Software - U.S.

Third Society is a data platform for web3 community leaders that makes it easy for community leaders to engage and grow their communities.

Unstruk - Artificial Intelligence/B2B Software/Government Technology- U.S.

Unstruk is the first knowledge hub designed specifically for spatial and unstructured data files. Its portal unlocks the information stored in these data files so that users can easily search, visualize, analyze, and integrate them into existing data workflows.

Valari - Financial Technology - Mexico

Valari is a banking-as-a-service platform enabling companies in Latin America to embed financial products into their platforms.

Watermelon - Developer Tools/B2B Software - U.S.

Watermelon is a text editor plug-in that helps developers understand code context faster.

WattCarbon - Climate Tech - U.S.

WattCarbon is building carbon offsets for buildings. It helps find, finance, and fund energy decarbonization through a marketplace that matches carbon offset buyers with portfolios of high-impact decarbonization projects.

Welby Health - Healthcare Tech/B2B Software - U.S.

Welby Health is a tech-enabled service provider offering case management services to physicians. Its products generate revenue for physician practices by leveraging reimbursement for virtual care codes through its proprietary “Care Extender” model.

Xkit - Developer Tools - U.S.

Xkit is a developer tool that enables SaaS applications to build highly customized integrations for their business customers’ CRMs. SaaS apps that use Xkit save months — as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs — by building one embeddable integration to Xkit in a few weeks rather than building custom integrations for each CRM and business user.

Yellowpay - Financial Technology - U.S.

Yellowpay is a payment solution for offline purchases in the construction and manufacturing industry. It offers an easy way to pay invoices or finance the purchase of building materials through a “Buy Now, Pay Later” service.

ZenCo Health - Financial Technology/Healthcare Tech/Artificial Intelligence - U.S.

ZenCo Health is a non-dilutive growth financing solution for the holistic medicine market. By solving for the financial inefficiencies and lack of alternative financing options in the healthcare industry, it aims to put the power back into the hands of providers.

Our Raise Seed Fall 2022 lineup also includes a few stealth startups, including two healthcare tech companies, one B2B software provider, and one crypto platform.

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The Mercury Team