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The Mercury 2021 Recap

Written By

Meghna Rao

The Mercury 2021 Recap
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Another year is winding down and we’re reflecting on some of our favorite moments of 2021. We’re grateful to have had our customers with us along the way.

2021 in numbers

This year, Mercury...

  • Raised a $120M Series B at a $1.6B valuation
  • Sent over 137,000 wires around the world*
  • Issued more than 8,000 debit cards*
Some stats about Mercury from 2021 in blue font on a grey background: $120M Series B, ~137,000 wires sent, >8,000 debit cards issued, ~5,000 Android app downloads
  • Our new Android app has over 5,000 downloads so far
  • Over $19M raised by startups in Mercury Raise
  • Had over 63,000 companies use Mercury

We built new things

Capital Guide connects founders to financing recommendations.

  • About $10M has already been funded to founders since November

Our Investor Database helps founders build their investor pipeline.

Image of Mercury's Investor Database listings

We especially like how Immad’s profile looks.

Our Raise programs have connected 1,616 founders to funding & community.

  • $18.2M raised through Raise Seed
  • 21 companies attended our first Raise A event in October
A photo of a group of people sitting on chairs in a circle in black and white

Your team can operate how you want it to with card only user permission tiers and auto transfers. And all your Android teammates can join the work-from-phone club, too.

Plus, we launched our startup and ecommerce guides to help you think through tough questions like splitting equity between founders.

A laptop on a stand next to a monitor with Mercury's ecommerce guides visible on screen, all in front of a window at daytime

And we made some great product updates:

We added read-only tokens to our API. Zapierintegrations let you connect your favorite third-party apps. Customize your debit card by adding your business name. Enjoy improved transactions details and enable monthly transaction limits. Use our iOS app for domestic wires and get push notifications on important changes.

business name on mercury debit card

Thank you for all the feedback and support that has helped us keep building.

You also built new things

We're happy to celebrate with you.

Graviti is getting necessary home appliances to unbanked LatAm populations. Tag raised Pakistan’s largest seed round of $12M at a $100M valuation. Raycast was #1 product of the day on ProductHunt.

Raise company logos

And it’s all from a strong foundation

We now have 201 Mercury employees in 39 cities, including San Francisco, NYC, Portland, Toronto, Nashville, and even Copenhagen.

Every employee gets a unique callsign. This year 119 new callsigns were given.

Mercury callsigns

...and we’re all listening to the holiday album our teammates made to celebrate.

Each employee also gets a wellness budget. Here are some things we spent it on:

A collage of four photos: a Mercury employee hand gliding, a hand-knit Halloween sweater, a Mercury employee rock climbing, and a view of a forest along the ocean with clouds in the sky

We had four hackdays this year: We built a site to showcase how we think about design, created a demo of our full product suite, and even made high-caliber cross stitches.

A photo of a cross-stitch of the Mercury logo

And we really enjoy pets.

A collage of four photos: a fluffy cat laying down, a dog wearing a pink wig, a dog dressed as a skunk, a cat lying in the sun, a cat curled up in a blanket, a dog dressed as a dinosaur.

Clockwise from top left: Caspia, Blue, Violet, Marcy, Barb, Lilly

We’re proud of our community and team for everything we’ve accomplished together. And we’re excited for what’s to come: more ways for founders to access capital, more nuanced card management, and many more surprises.

If you have questions or just want to say a merry hello, send us a note at [email protected]. We always love to chat.


The Mercury Team

*Mercury is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group and Evolve Bank & Trust®; Members FDIC.

Written by

Meghna Rao

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