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August 14, 2022

Announcing Meridian, our new magazine

Meghna Rao, Editorial

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Announcing Meridian, our new magazine

I’m excited to announce the launch of our independent magazine Meridian, a publication on technology and the entrepreneurial spirit. We're telling stories on everything that builders touch in the tech industry, whether those stories involve founders or investors, the teams that operate early-stage startups or the people using just-launched apps, full-timers or those who tap into their desire to build with pottery, newsletters, and other side hustles.

Why does Mercury have a magazine?

Both Mercury and Meridian believe that the more startups there are, the better. But we know that being a founder can be difficult. And we know that new narratives about these journeys can lighten this burden and increase the total sum of startups out there, simply by sharing more stories that get to the heart of what's happening in the community, by creating archives of challenges that have already been overcome, and by highlighting what's working in the tech industry and what's not.

What does it mean to be independent?

Meridian does not promote Mercury’s views in any way. You won’t hear us tell you that Mercury is the best option for entrepreneurs (even if it is) or promote writing that helps our business. And when we do affiliate with Mercury, we make the connection clear, like in “Miscellany with Mercury,” our series pairing potters with Mercury customers.

What types of stories will you be telling?

These are early days for us. We’re telling stories that we think founders need to hear — how people feel and think about products, how VCs think about new markets, how entrepreneurs approach their daily lives and how they deal with failure. As time goes on, we’d like to deepen this perspective and broaden what we cover.

Can anyone write or make art for the magazine? Can anyone be featured?

We’re selective about what pieces run on Meridian. But if you have a pitch, write to us at [email protected]. We'd be happy to hear from you.