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July 5, 2022

Meet the Raise VII Startups

The Mercury Team

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Meet the Raise VII Startups

We recently launched Mercury Raise Seed VII. Here are some stats on our latest round:

  • We accepted 51 startups, after receiving a record 2,000 applications
  • Our selected applicants spanned 19 industries — from robotics to real estate — and nine countries, including Argentina, Egypt, and Greece
  • Half of our 51 chosen startups were in B2B software, crypto, and healthcare tech
  • 100% of Mercury Raise VII companies received intros to investors

With Raise Seed VII, we’re excited to continue our founder programming. Our 51 finalists will have the opportunity for their pitches to be reviewed by peers, as well as to have coffee discussions on topics like investor relations, fundraising tools, and more.

Without further ado, here is the latest cohort of Raise Seed VII companies:

Actipulse Neuroscience - Healthcare Tech - U.S

Actipulse Neuroscience is a Y Combinator-backed medical company working to bring hospital-based neuromodulation directly to patients’ homes. Non-invasive brain stimulation is a widely-utilized, FDA-cleared treatment used for patients diagnosed with depression, but is limited to a hospital setting due to the cost of the device and the complexity of treatment application. Their proprietary brain stimulation device allows patients to be treated directly from home with the same efficacy and at a lower cost of treatment.

Appetito - Consumer Tech - Egypt

Appetito is an online retailer startup that operates through dark stores in three countries in Africa. They aim to disrupt a $600B grocery market full of inefficiencies in the supply chain.

Applied Bioplastics - Climate Tech - U.S.

Applied Bioplastics’ carbon-negative polymer additive technology (or “BioFi”) creates biopolymers that are cost competitive, mechanically identical, and that vastly reduce net carbon emissions compared to incumbent plastics.

Arketa - B2B Software - U.S.

Arketa is an all-in-one platform for wellness businesses (think Shopify for wellness). They make it easy to accept payments, manage events/appointments, and host video content so businesses can grow both in person and online.

Aspire - Consumer Tech/Artificial Intelligence - U.S.

Aspire is building autofill for your entire desktop, and is on a path to creating the world's first teachable AI desktop assistant.

Atro - B2B Software/Security - U.S.

Atro is on a mission to make security radically easier, cheaper, and faster for the millions of small and mid-size businesses that need security. Their platform uses integrations, assessments, and scoring to help teams understand their biggest vulnerabilities and implement tools to minimize the risk of attacks.

Avvinue - SaaS Tech/Travel - U.S.

Avvinue is a pet travel startup that offers airlines a pet reservation system (PRS) to generate new or unrealized ancillary revenue while improving the experience for people traveling with pets.

Between - B2B Software/Cloud - U.S.

Between is a meeting performance management tool. It helps teams gain visibility into their work culture and boosts productivity by removing unnecessary meetings and helping teams to adopt best practices.

Brainify.AI - Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Brainify.AI is a depression biomarker AI/ML platform that predicts treatment efficacy for women's depression based on EEG data.

Brew Money - Financial Technology/Crypto - India
Brew Money is a non-custodial wallet that makes it simple for non-power users to create stable coin deposits on secure DeFi protocols such as Aave and Balancer — and earn up to 10% APY on their balance. In addition, users can enact peer-to-peer payments into other Brew wallets and traditional bank accounts, make merchant transactions, and get short-term and long-term loans.

Cabal App - Financial Technology/Accounting and Bookkeeping - El Salvador

Cabal App is a mobile app that enables microbusinesses in Latin America to do bookkeeping, have an ecommerce presence, and access financial solutions — all inside a single app.

Carry - B2B Service/Transportation - U.S.

Carry provides same-day delivery for ecommerce retailers that is below the cost of ground shipping.

Clone - Artificial Intelligence/Robotics - Poland and U.S.

Clone builds biomimetic, power-dense androids with durable, humanlike hands.

Curio - Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Curio is a psychedelics health platform that offers complete and clinically prescribed experiences for health transformation in a convenient virtual interface. Its cofounders, a Stanford MD and an experienced health/insurtech operator, have the vision of creating a comprehensive health and wellness system catalyzed by Curio’s psychedelic-assisted coaching and therapy (PACT).

Dreamship - B2B Service/Ecommerce - U.S.

Dreamship’s private label, Print On-Demand, helps creators unlock revenue with one-off, custom physical printing. A simple API call unlocks a global on-demand fulfillment network, allowing thousands of ecommerce and gifting tech organizations to capture demand with a native, personalized swag offering.

Flok - B2B Service/Travel - U.S.

Flok is building the future of business travel management, starting with company offsites and retreats.

Flux - Financial Technology - Mexico

Flux is a payment network for fintech companies in Latin America. It aims to enhance the profitability of businesses by enabling the acceptance of new generation payment methods that increase clients’ purchasing power.

Ghost Financial - Financial Technology - U.S.

Ghost Financial’s mission is to become the financial backbone of the soon-to-be $1T ghost kitchen market.

Groundfloor - Consumer Tech/Real Estate/Crypto - U.S.

Groundfloor is future-proofing community in the physical world. They convert distressed real estate in residential neighborhoods into members-only clubs for work, wellness, and lifelong friendship.

HiHome - Consumer Tech/Real Estate - U.S.

HiHome is the fastest way to find your dream home. They’re developing the first collaborative workflow platform for home buying.

Joydays - DTC - U.S.

Joydays creates feel-good food with actual function for people with chronic conditions.

Karma Trade - Consumer Tech/Ecommerce/Marketplace - U.S.

Karma Trade allows customers to shop secondhand stores online.

Kepler - Financial Tech/Consumer Tech/Crypto - U.K.

Kepler brings institutional-grade digital asset investment management to the masses. Proprietary algorithmic trading strategies, rebalancing algorithms, and order routing strategies — built to empower the retail investor.

Liqui - Financial Services/HR/Marketplace - Argentina

Liqui is a fintech-enabled gig worker's B2B marketplace. It enables giggers to access jobs, manage their income, and build their first-ever employment history record.

menta - B2B Software/Financial Technology - Argentina

Menta provides the technology infrastructure that enables B2B companies to offer their own payments and financial services to their network of merchants, increasing revenue and competitiveness.

Mentaport - Developer Tools/Crypto/Artificial Intelligence - U.S.

Mentaport is a new infrastructure platform that bridges smart contracts and the real world. The platform allows developers to place dynamic NFTs in physical locations and control the nature of the user-NFT interaction.

Minti - Crypto/Social Network - U.S.

Minti is a web3 social network allowing creators to auto-mint social posts as non-fungible tokens and giving full control of distribution. Creators can easily mint content and distribute or post for marketing purposes to their favorite web2 social platforms. Think of Minti as a "content transactional Instagram" or "ig3."

Modfy - B2B Software/Media - India

Modfy is a Figma-like platform for video: a collaborative video editor that runs within your browser.

Motorenn - Consumer Tech/Marketplace/Ecommerce - U.S.

Motorenn is an ecommerce retailer for premium and exotic used vehicles. Motorenn leverages technology to provide more convenient and efficient operations to deliver vehicles cost-effectively, safely, and securely.

NExTNet - Healthcare Tech/Artificial Intelligence/Biotech - U.S.

NExTNet has built the most sophisticated Natural Language-based Explainable AI platform: Sapiens. Sapiens empowers scientists to ask and answer complex questions without having to master coding, querying languages, or arcane statistics. The company is led by a successful serial entrepreneur, Steven Banerjee, who previously founded Mekonos (a pre-series B tech company backed by world-class investors), which has partnerships with leading biotech and pharma companies with the goal of pioneering cell and gene therapy delivery platforms.

Nolea Health - Healthcare Tech - U.K.

Nolea Health is solving the healthcare demand-supply mismatch problem with a white-labeled, fractional clinician marketplace that connects qualified healthcare staff with healthcare companies that need them — by the hour.

Odyssey - Consumer Tech/Social - U.S.

Odyssey helps people, content creators, and businesses engage with their followings through a community format based on ease of use, discoverability, and easy monetization. Their long-term vision is to create the community economy.

Out Of The Box - Education/Consumer Tech - U.S.

Out Of The Box (Techstars ’21), founded out of MIT, brings the classroom to children anywhere in the world. Their patent-pending, classroom-in-a-box (hardware) complements an AI-enabled learning platform (software).

Packsmith - B2B Service/Transportation - U.S.

Packsmith is a managed marketplace/SaaS platform for highly distributed ecommerce fulfillment and delivery. They are bringing ecommerce order fulfillment for growing brands into the homes of individuals on their platform, creating scalable fulfillment nodes located close to end customers for rapid delivery, lower carbon emissions, and cost-based efficiency.

Parsnip - Consumer Tech/Education/Food - U.S.

Parsnip is building "Duolingo for cooking" to empower anyone in the world to make any cuisine in their own home. Over time, Parsnip will become an AI "virtual chef" that both teaches cooking knowledge and helps home cooks make better decisions around food.

Playbook VR - B2B Software/Developer Tools/Augmented Reality - U.S.

Playbook is creating a world where designers can build for AR and VR without taking off their headset.

Quantime - B2B Software/Developer Tools - U.S.

Quantime is an API-first company automating scheduling between B2C businesses and their existing users to supercharge transactions and drive utilization. For example, Headspace can use Quantime's dynamic scheduling APIs to intelligently find and reserve time for its users to meditate, or Starbucks can use them to schedule coffee breaks and food orders for customers.

Rocket Health - Healthcare Tech - India

Rocket Health is building a judgement-free, end-to-end healthcare platform (telehealth and cloud pharmacy) for millenials and Gen Z in India, starting by targeting chronic, stigmatised conditions in mental health and sexual health.

Sapling.GG - Crypto/Artificial Intelligence - U.S.

Sapling.GG is building the index of attention in web3 gaming and the metaverse. Sapling.GG's tech unlocks analytics, search, and discovery use-cases for the metaverse.

Soli - Consumer Tech - U.S.

Soli pays you for what you already do, starting with up to 20% cashback at thousands of retailers in the U.S.

Speak - B2B Service/Education/Marketplace - U.S.

Cohort-based training programs that attract, prepare, and convert diverse talent.

SurrealDB - B2B Software/Cloud/Developer Tools - U.K.

SurrealDB is the ultimate NewSQL cloud database for tomorrow's applications.

Syrona Health - Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Syrona Health builds health services enterprise software, designed for women at every stage of life.

Thread Health - Healthcare Tech - U.S.

Thread Health delivers virtual primary care, urgent care, and health education for teens, twentysomethings, and their parents, primarily through text.

Tourus - Consumer Tech/Real Estate - U.S.

Tourus is challenging the outdated and inefficient renting and leasing experience through transparency and data. The B2B analytics platform informs multifamily property owners and operators about renter preferences and motivations, and gives renters a dashboard to schedule visits, take notes and apply for properties.

Wectory - Financial Technology - U.K.

Wectory offers landlords up to one year of rent upfront in exchange for a service fee. Tenants pay on a monthly basis, directly to Wectory.

ybot - B2B Software - U.S.

ybot is enterprise SaaS middleware that connects workplace commands with autonomous actions.

We also have a few stealth startups in the mix:

2 food startups, 1 consumer social startup, 1 B2B startup, and 1 crypto startup.

Ready to Raise?

If you’re gearing up to raise a pre-seed or seed round, sign up here to get notified when our next round of Raise applications opens up. Applying takes about 5 minutes — all you need to provide is a pitch deck and a little information about your company.

If you have any feedback about Raise or have ideas for other programs you’d like to see from Mercury, please send us a message at [email protected]. We’re always happy to chat.