November 16, 2021

November 2021 — Mercury Capital Guide, auto-transfers & and more

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November 2021 — Mercury Capital Guide, auto-transfers & and more

Today, we’re launching Mercury Capital Guide. Capital Guide connects founders to financing recommendations for their companies with four simple questions.

Entrepreneurs often struggle to find financing alternatives to venture capital—the landscape is messy, partners can be difficult to vet, and requirements for funding are often opaque.

So we built a product to help out. Based on your answers about your business, we’ll recommend a financing option and provide context on how it works. To start, we’re working with three trusted financing partners. We have a lot more in store for the future, including new partners, financing options, and products.

To get started, log into your Mercury account, head to your dashboard, and click the pop-up menu on the bottom left. We’ll figure out if your company is a good fit for our launch partners:

  • Recurring-revenue finance: Capchase turns recurring revenue into growth funding
  • Daily payout: Payability helps ecommerce sellers access their daily revenue quicker
  • Revenue-based finance: Wayflyer advances ecommerce companies their monthly revenue

We’re also excited to welcome Jason Garcia to our team. Jason is leading our efforts at building alternative financing products for founders. He has nearly a decade of experience at firms like Silicon Valley Bank,, KPMG, and Goldman Sachs. He’s also spent time at startups, once as a senior member at Divvy and twice as a SaaS CFO, and has spent his career advising and connecting startups to the right types of debt for their needs. Write to [email protected] if you’d like to chat.

Additional thanks to Mahalia, Jonathan, Parker, and Mike for building this product. Stay tuned for more.

More news from Mercury

💸 Auto transfers

You can now automate transfers between your Mercury accounts.

Mercury is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group and Evolve Bank & Trust ®️; Members FDIC
1 Automated transfers can either be used to keep accounts at a target balance—useful for making sure your payroll account always has enough funds, for example—or to create a zero balance account, which automatically moves all incoming payments to another account.

You can try setting your own rules from your Accounts page.

🍵 Tea Room Spotlight

In August, we launched our first Tea Room Spotlight and highlighted a few of the amazing companies in the Mercury Tea Room. Every few months, we'll showcase new company Spotlights. If you’d like to try some of these products out for yourself, head to your perks page to redeem these offers.

Without further ado, our next round of Spotlights:


  • Product: Linear is an issue tracking tool to help your team run your product development processes.
  • Origin: Co-founders Karri Saarinen, Jori Lallo, and Tuomas Artman were frustrated with existing software development tools. They started Linear to build the new standard for product development and bug tracking.
  • Perk: One year free


  • Product: Svix helps developers build a state-of-the-art webhooks solution.
  • Origin: Founder Tom Hacohen often felt the pain of sending webhooks at his previous company. When a friend asked about adding webhooks to her business, Svix was born.
  • Perk: 25% off the first year


  • Product: Fairmint lets community members get equity in the companies they care about.
  • Origin: Founders Thibauld Favre and Joris Delanoue launched Fairmint to simplify the complexities of distributing company equity. The idea came from years of working with VC and bootstrapped capital as founders.
  • Perk: $1,000 credit (Tea Room members also get 6 months free)


  • Product: Grain is an all-in-one video workspace. Clip moments from video meetings in real-time. Search and share the best parts with the whole team.
  • Origin: Founder Mike Adams built one of the first Zoom-based schools in 2015, recording everything to improve learning, admissions, and decision-making. When the company was acquired by WeWork in 2018, Mike teamed up with his brother Jake to turn the software into a tool that anyone could use.
  • Perk: 25% off 1 year for Pro & Business plans


  • Product: Sprig provides user researchers and product teams with contextualized microsurveys and concept testing.
  • Origin: Founder Ryan Glasgow started Sprig to make it possible for every product decision to be customer-informed with real-time responses recorded asynchronously.
  • Perk: Free Enterprise plan for early-stage startups

If you have feedback or just want to say hello, send us a note at [email protected]. We always love to chat.


The Mercury Team