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January 27, 2022

January 2022 — currency exchange, card filters & more

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January 2022 — currency exchange, card filters & more

Check out our Pricing page for the most up-to-date information.

We now offer currency exchange, sent directly from your Mercury account. Send payments in over 30 currencies at competitive rates with a 1% exchange fee (international USD payments will still be free).

If your company is exchanging over USD $200,000 a month, send us a note—we’d love to talk to you.

A gif demonstrating the currency exchange process in the Mercury UI.

We’re just getting started with building features for our global customers. Just last month, our customers used their accounts to send money to more than 130 countries. Currency exchange helps us better support companies that send payments across the world every day—to their teammates, vendors, portfolio companies, and more.

More news from Mercury

💳 Card filters

Skip the manual digging: You can now filter your cards list in Mercury by card type, status, cardholder, and more. Log into your Mercury account to take a look.

🔀 Android transfer

Android users: Use our app to move money between your Mercury accounts, including checking, savings, or Treasury, as well as between your linked bank accounts. Download our app to try it out.

A close up of an Android phone's lower half, showing the Transfer feature in the Mercury Android app with the tag "Fresh" next to the feature.

📅 Mercury x Capchase

We recently partnered with Capchase for our virtual event, Growth Funding for SaaS Founders, where Immad Akhund (CEO & co-founder, Mercury), Miguel Fernández (CEO & co-founder, Capchase), and Jason Garcia (Head of Capital, Mercury) shared insights on how SaaS startups can find the right types of financing at different stages. Check out our key takeaways and watch the event video.

A photo of Jason Garcia, Mercury Head of Capital, with a quote of his from our Capchase event, which reads: "A lot of people have thought about alternative financing solutions as a replacement to equity, which I've always thought to be a little bit dangerous...[they're] complementary to both the founders, who are saving ownership in their company, [as well as] the shareholders and the investors."

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Our $5M community round

In July 2021, we set aside $5M to allow our customers and supporters to join our $120M Series B equity round. Seven months later, we closed our round with ~2,500 new investors on our cap table, 75% of whom are customers. We shared our process, challenges, and learnings.

🌱 Our Mercury perks partners

Our perks partner Pilot wrote a guide on the financial pitfalls startups should avoid, from mixing personal and business finances to neglecting bookkeeping until the last minute.

We also added new perks:

  • Hireflow: AI-based recruitment sourcing — 1 year free
  • LTSE: A principles-based long-term stock exchange and equity trading platform — 25% off 2 years of LTSE Equity (formerly and 50% off concierge onboarding (up to $2,980 in total savings)
  • MentorCruise: Get mentorship from leaders in tech — 10% off

…and two more for our Tea Room customers:

  • Clerky: online legal services — $100 off
  • Deel: International payroll and compliance — 3 months free and 50% off for the remaining 9 months for contractors; 12 months of 20% off for full-time employees

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, send us a note at [email protected]. We always love to chat.


The Mercury Team