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August 23, 2021

Our Android app is here

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Our Android app is here

We're launching our Android app today. We're excited to finally get it into your hands.

Our Android app offers you core features to keep an eye on your finances—no iPhone required. You can view your account balances and transaction history, plus:

  • view card details
  • copy & paste card numbers
  • freeze & unfreeze cards
  • edit card limits
Freeze card, edit card limits, or view card details

Our team is already working on more features to offer you a Distinctly Android™ experience. In future releases, we'll add features like transfers, transaction search, and check deposits.

In the meantime, you can download our Android app over at the Play Store, and let us know if there are any Android-specific features you’d like to see in the future. A huge thank you to Tad, our Android engineer, and Matt, our product designer, for knocking this out of the park.

More news from Mercury

📱 iOS improvements

You can now search for specific transactions on our iOS app by merchant, recipient, and more—no scrolling required. You can also transfer funds to and from your linked bank accounts, all with just your thumb.

🍵 Tea Room Spotlight

We’ve got some pretty amazing companies in the Mercury Tea Room, and we wanted to highlight some of their work. Every few months, we're rotating company Spotlights to showcase their products—and you can try some out yourself, too. Just head to your perks page to redeem these offers.

Without further ado, our first Spotlights:


Offsyte founders Jonathan and Emma stand next to their logo
  • Product: Explore, compare, and book your next team event, all in one place
  • Origin: Founders Emma and Jonathan love company offsites, but hated how travel info was scattered across the internet. Tired of the booking process, they made Offsyte a one-stop-solution that they knew companies would enjoy
  • Perk: No service fees on your first event


Four Pry founders stand in a line in front of a green wall
  • Product: Cash runway management software for founders
  • Origin: Pry’s co-founder, Andy, was working in accounting software when he noticed that most founders didn’t have a deep understanding of their finances or how to plan them. With Pry, founders can access simple financial planning tools integrated with their accounting software
  • Perk: $100 credit


Goody founder smiling.
  • Product: Gifting platform for your professional and personal life
  • Origin: Founder Ed noticed a gap in the market for frictionless, quality gift-giving. He decided to fill it with Goody+: a tech-enabled, super customizable solution that ensures gifts are easy and joyful to give and receive
  • Perk: Gift a 3-piece box of Mac Lab, gluten-free French macarons to up to 10 team members or clients ($200 value)


Chameleon founders stand outdoors, smiling.
  • Product: Get self-serve UX tools without writing code
  • Origin: Time is precious, and founders Pulkit and Brian wanted to protect theirs from the slog of learning new products from inefficient external experts—and noticed others did, too. They built Chameleon to make incorporating new tools a self-serve, fast process for companies
  • Perk: For Startup plans: 25% off first year. For Growth plans: free upgrade from Bronze to Silver Customer Success package

Contact us at [email protected] if you're a Tea Room company and would like to participate in future Spotlights.

If you have any product feedback, or just want to say hello, send us a note at [email protected]. We always love to chat.


The Mercury Team