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February 4, 2020

Moving to and new feature updates

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Moving to and new feature updates

New year, new web domain. We’ve moved ourselves to (we were previously

Besides being able to type a cooler domain name in your address bar, your experience with Mercury won’t change at all. Though you may have to sign in to your account again, will redirect to so all links will continue working. Plaid, Xero, and all other integrations will continue uninterrupted.

Here are a few other updates we’ve been working on.

Recurring Payments

We’ve been teasing you with recurring payments for some time. It’s finally live: you can now set up recurring payments to the same recipient on a monthly or weekly basis. Ongoing payments like rent and subscription services can be scheduled in just a few clicks.

API updates: more powerful automated payments

We’ve added the ability to create and edit payments recipients programmatically. If you’re automating payments to new suppliers or building the next big marketplace for cat toys, you can now use our API to send mass ACH payments to both new and existing recipients straight from the command line.

We’ll be adding additional payment methods soon, including wires and checks, and you can already automate other routine tasks like viewing transaction history and listing account details. You can learn more about our API here and check out our API documentation here.

Thanks again to Alexey (of previous newsletter fame) for continued hard work on one of our favorite features.

What’s next?

Lev and David, two of our latest and greatest engineers, are building virtual cards for added security and easier user management. We’ve also got more API updates coming soon.

If you have feedback, product requests, or just want to chat, you can say hi by emailing us at [email protected].