Head of Product Design - Growth

SF, NY, Portland, or remote in US/Canada

Through the Middle Ages, book production was a time consuming, on-demand activity, mostly confined to the clergy: when a monk needed a book, they asked a scribe to hand copy it from the original. In 1436, that drastically changed: Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press, and, with that, the cost of book production decreased exponentially.

But it took over a century for printed books to become a part of everyday life.

Looking at books printed between 1436 and the 1500s, one can see how the book shifted from a special object used by a narrow group of people (the clergy) to an object aimed at the larger society. The book became marketable: the title page was invented; then, titles were moved to the front cover; front covers became increasingly expressive and more beautiful; text in books became more clear, legible, and less embellished; different books targeted different segments of society; and experimentation continued, in an attempt to capture the interest and imagination of larger and larger numbers of people.

Over half a millenia later, we at Mercury are on a mission to build a beautiful banking* product that makes dealing with finances feel effortless. And we are hiring for a Head of Product Design for our Growth org to help us bring our product to larger and larger numbers of people. We believe that the key to our success revolves around thoughtful design and we are looking for the right design leader to guide and inspire the team through seamless execution.

*Mercury is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group and Evolve Bank & Trust®; Members FDIC.

In this role, you will:

  • Understand our users, product, business, brand, and processes inside and out. Once you know how it all works, you’ll help us come up with ways to improve.
  • Deeply understand the Growth Product space, work with the exec team and cross-functional partners to come up with the strategy for the team. Set up product teams for success in reaching those goals.
  • Know your team and help them grow. Use 1:1s to provide coaching and mentorship, come up with structures to help prioritize work, and make sure every person on your team thrives.
  • Make your team feel like a Team. Plan team trips, organize working sessions, share inspiration, and encourage collaborative projects that make our remote, distributed group feel less remote and distributed.
  • Document and evangelize what works (design systems, team meetings, internal processes), and ditch what doesn’t.
  • Create an environment where people feel comfortable pushing back on work that doesn’t hit the mark, and model radical candor with feedback that’s provocative rather than prescriptive.
  • Help us hire more great people.

There are a lot of paths that could lead you to a role like this, so we encourage you to apply even if you’re not sure. Some relevant skills that can help:

  • You have experience leading design teams that combine a rigorous metric-driven approach with qualitative feedback to prioritize work. This includes, but it is not limited to, Growth design teams.
  • You’ve led a design team of any size for 8 years or more.
  • You’re good at wrangling ambiguity and finding ways to improve the world around you, even when nobody’s told you to do so.
  • You can tell when you’ve hit on the right amount of process/structure without it feeling stifling or unnecessary.
  • You’ve provided mentorship long-term to designers, coached them, and helped them grow in their skills.
  • You keep up on design trends and like to stay in practice, even if it’s been a while since you were an individual contributor.
  • You can tell when and why something’s good and articulate clearly (and kindly) when it’s not.
  • You can drive design team processes such as design critiques, and are able to guide the team to ask the right questions to elevate the quality of the user experience.

The total rewards package at Mercury includes base salary, equity (stock options), and benefits.

Our salary and equity ranges are highly competitive within the SaaS and fintech industry and are updated regularly using the most reliable compensation survey data for our industry. New hire offers are made based on a candidate’s experience, expertise, geographic location, and internal pay equity relative to peers.

Our target new hire base salary ranges for this role are the following:

  • US employees (any location): $250,700–$294,900

  • Canadian employees (any location): CAD 228,100–268,400

We use Covey as part of our hiring and / or promotional process for jobs in NYC and certain features may qualify it as an AEDT. As part of the evaluation process we provide Covey with job requirements and candidate submitted applications. We began using Covey Scout for Inbound on January 22, 2024.

Please see the independent bias audit report covering our use of Covey here.

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