Series Tea

A podcast where we find the greatest entrepreneurs and investors, and force them to have tea with us — live on air

[object Object] Nick Tommarello: Learn to Crowdfund Like Wefunder
[object Object] What They Don’t Tell You About Acquisitions
[object Object] Mike Miller & Michael Ma: Think Seed Like Liquid 2 Ventures
[object Object] Leo Polovets: Think Seed Like Susa Ventures
[object Object] Scott Orn: Manage Your Finances Like Kruze Consulting
[object Object] Alex Bouaziz: Build a Remote Team Like Deel
[object Object] Kanyi Maqubela & Steve Jang: Think Seed Like Kindred Ventures
[object Object] Sahil Lavingia: Roll a Rolling Fund
[object Object] Jamie Quint: Building Your Growth Stack
[object Object] Hunter Walk & Satya Patel: Think Seed Like Homebrew
[object Object] John Bautista: Structure Your Startup Like a Serial Founder
[object Object] Elizabeth Yin: Think Seed Like Hustle Fund
[object Object] Kevin Hartz: Explaining SPACs
[object Object] Andrew Ofstad: Getting Your Product To Market
[object Object] Chris Lyons: Diversity On The Cap Table
[object Object] Allison Barr Allen: Designing Fintech
[object Object] Semil Shah: Raising a Seed Round In a Recession
[object Object] Brianne Kimmel: The Future Of Remote Work
[object Object] Brad Flora: Angel Investing In Global Markets
[object Object] Elad Gil: Leading Your Startup Through a Recession
[object Object] Seth Bannon: Combating COVID-19 With Technology
[object Object] James Beshara: D2C Investing